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Brussels Sprouts Made Simple

Posted by Lela D.

Here's a trick I learned recently for making perfect Brussels Sprouts every time. I love to stir fry my veggies, but sprouts take so long to cook that way. I started microwaving mine for about 4 minutes first. Then I toss them into the wok with hot olive oil and - here's the tasty part - I sprinkle on some garlic salt or onion salt. I used to mess with the garlic press but no more! The quick stuff is just as good for veggies. You only need to stir the sprouts around for a few minutes. They get a nice brown color and gloss from the olive oil, good flavor, and they're cooked all the way through. Truly delicious! Try it and let me know how it worked.
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It works great. They are cook completely through and are tasty to boot.
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