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Brown & White

Posted Jan 14 2013 2:06pm

Hello there, and happy Monday! I hope you were able to have a relaxing weekend with a bit of fun thrown it! Mine was just about perfect except that the weather never cleared up like the weathermen predicted, so I wasn’t able to go bike riding with my family (but seriously, what else is new? Those weathermen are always wrong). Oh well.

I did manage to do a bunch of other fun things though so it was definitely not a total loss! Here’s a little recap my weekend!

Friday Night

When I got home from work on Friday evening all I wanted was pizza. Like ooey, gooey, melty, pizza with a doughy crust. Yummm. The only problem was that I didn’t feel like paying for delivery and I also didn’t want to eat greasy pizza with God-only-knows-what-kind-of-ingredients.

Luckily, I usually keep some yeast on hand for just such an occasion and I was able to throw together a quick whole wheat pizza for dinner. Lots of garlic, sauce, and cheese please!! Don’t forget the fresh basil on top!! Yum!

Please note the huge bubble that formed in my pizza. It was kind of ugly, but I figured if real pizza places get bubbles in their pizza, I must be doing something right, right? Haha! Who knows. Either way it was a goooooood meal.

After dinner Fabio and I got ready to go out with some friends!

I wasn’t really looking forward to going out at first (since I sprained my ankle last time we went out and I’m trying to save money ) but my friend Megan’s sister was visiting for the weekend and she wanted to go out to celebrate.

I was so relieved when Megan suggested going out in Arlington, instead of going into DC. Sometimes it’s just really nice to go to a bar and walk home after. So much better, and it saved us some money!

We wound up going to Clarendon Grill which had a live band that played a mix of current songs and a few throwbacks. We had such a fun night singing and dancing along :)


On Saturday morning Fabio and I woke up bright and early so we could squeeze in some time with Fabio’s mom, who was in town for a visit. Fabio’s sister drove down from Baltimore and we all headed over to Fabio’s cousins’ house to say hello.

We spent a couple of hours chatting, snacking on breakfast foods, and playing with Fabio’s cousins’ new guinea pig, “Brown and White.” Yes, in case that confused you, the guinea pig’s name is Brown and White. LOL!

“Here, Brown and White! Come get some lettuce!” Bahaha. What a silly name for a guinea pig.

Anyway, we had a great morning catching up with Fabio’s family and I was so glad we got to see his mom while she was in town :)

After spending time with Fabio’s family, we were graciously dropped off in D.C. by Fabio’s sister for a noon brunch outing with 19 of my friends!

We went to The Getaway in Columbia Heights and enjoyed $15 bottomless mimosas :) I’d never been to The Getaway before but it was really fun!

The atmosphere was perfect for a big group of us (we actually had to sit on couches to accommodate everyone!) and our waitress was so sweet (I can’t imagine having to serve a big group like that, especially once the mimosas started flowing!)

For my brunch I ordered the Florentine, which was basically Eggs Benedict with prosciutto and satueed spinach. It came with a side of roasted asparagus (yum!!).

The eggs were cooked perfectly and the yolk gently ran down the layers to my English muffin. Such a great brunch!!

At around 3:30 or 4:00 they started kicking us out of the restaurant (bottomless brunch only goes so far) but we managed to snap a group picture before most people departed.

Lol can you see how they put the chairs up to get rid of us? Woops! ;)

After brunch we headed to a bar in Adam’s Morgan to watch the Raven’s game and then Fabio and I headed home. It was such a fun way to spend the day!!


Fabio and I spent most of the day relaxing on Sunday after such a busy day on Saturday.

For breakfast we had turkey bacon and what I like to call “egg bread” but I know it’s also called “egg in the hole” or “popeye.”

Basically you just cut a circle out of a piece of bread and cook the egg in the middle.

It’s always been one of my favorite breakfasts and it really hit the spot on Sunday :)

A little later in the day I did some baking and made some “healthy” brownies by using a packet of “ No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix ” and one can of pumpkin. I saw the idea for the recipe here and although I do not love how these brownies came out (they taste a little too pumpkiny to me), I am pretty excited to have a chewy fudgy brownie for only three Weight Watchers Points+.

I definitely want to try using this brownie mix again and next time I’ll use non-fat yogurt like the recipe calls for. Maybe I’ll like the taste a little better? We will have to see!

Later in the evening Fabio and I went to meet my dad, stepmom, and sister for a quick dinner. We weren’t there too long but it was really nice to catch up with them since I haven’t seen them since Christmas.

Sorry for the blurry pic!

Then we came back home and crashed on the couch while watching the Golden Globes.

Jack seemed to feel our exhaustion ;)

Question of the Day: Did you watch the Golden Globes?

I’m not usually a fan of those types of awards shows and will typically the watch the red carpet portion and then change the channel. Other times I will skip the awards all-together and just watch the highlights online the next day!

Last night I only watched for about half an hour before switching to something else. I guess I’m too ADD to sit through all of those awards! Haha.

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