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Broiled Belgian Endive with Garlic Sauce, Tempeh and Rice

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:51pm
Today was the second day of the annual Professional Photographers of North Carolina convention; I wasn't interested in the afternoon talk, so came home after enjoying the trade show. I had recently purchased Belgian endive, thinking to try incorporating it into risotto. I still may do it, but tonight tried slicing two endives lengthwise into 4 or 5 pieces. I then put them in an ovenproof plate, put a little bit of olive oil and salt over the top, the broiled them in my toaster oven. I had thought the endives would brown fairly quickly, but at least in my toaster oven, it took over five minutes (be careful when broiling; I encourage folks to keep a careful eye every minute or two, depending on your oven's performance). I then flipped the endives and put a little bit more oil on the new tops, and broiled again for about five minutes.

Domino's Pizza apparently makes vegan garlic and marinara dipping sauces, and I had a tiny container of garlic dipping sauce. I mixed about half into the endives and served each endive piece with a drop or two of ume plum vinegar. It came out suprisingly good; I was afraid it might be too bitter, but it wasn't. Yeah!

I also heated leftover brown rice that my wife had prepared this afternoon and made a simple saute with tempeh, onion, and bell pepper. I mixed the finished saute into the rice, along with a bit of soy sauce. It was a good dinner!
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