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Breakfast options for Woman ( Indian diet )

Posted Sep 28 2008 11:48am
1, A woman with an active lifestyle

Beverage may vary from black tea, green tea, fresh lime, coffee or a glass of buttermilk or coconut water as per choice.
Vegetarian diet

1, One glass orange juice followed by a vegetable sandwich ( whole wheat bread ) + baked beans ( optional )
2,One fruit plate followed by one or two roasted methikhakra / thepla + cucumber raita
Non - vegetarian diet

1, One banana followed by oats porridge + one boiled egg
2, One bowl of fresh juice followed by grilled chicken sandwich + one glass of butter milk ( optional )
2, A pregnant woman

Vegetarian diet

1, One glass of orange juice followed by palakuthapam + sambar
2, One pear followed by paneer sandwich + one cup milk
3, One Aloo / carrot/ mixed vegetables paratha + 1 bowl beans + 1 glass buttermilk

Non vegetarian diet

1, Milk and cornflakes along with two boiled eggs followed by 5-8 almonds
2, One glass of sweet lime juice followed by a 2- egg omelette sandwich
3,One apple juice followed by one or two parathas ( make with less oil on a non-stick pan ) with scrambled egg

3, A woman with a sedentary job

Vegetarian diet

1, Steamed sprouts + salads + one bowl low- fat yogurt
2, One fruit followed by vegetable upma

Non- vegetarian diet

1, One plate papaya with two egg whites
2,One glass tomato /orange /pineapple juice followed by 5-6 almonds and cracked wheat porridge ( optional )
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