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Breakfast Green Smoothie

Posted Feb 24 2013 2:53pm
on by healthymama

I am all for the health benefit of green smoothies, but having one for breakfast always seemed like a depressing concept for me, because green smoothie leave me hungry an hour later. In the mornings, we have home school, followed by my yoga hour while the kids are playing outside. I don’t want to be starving, while trying to follow our daily schedule. So, I kept experimenting with green smoothies for breakfast and while failing miserably, until something finally clicked.

 To make a green smoothie more satiating, I added some magic ingredients: soaked chia seeds, hemp seeds, avocado and almond milk. Chia seeds expand in the stomach, making you think that you are full. They have multiple other health benefits as well.  The additional fat and protein of hemp seeds and almond milk slow down the absorption of sugar into the blood stream while keeping your energy levels stable. Avocado adds the “good fats” and keeps you fuller longer.

Sip your morning smoothie slowly, allowing time to “chew” the nutrients and keep in mind that maybe you need two cups of your breakfast smoothie and not one.

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