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Brazil nut and rocket (arugula) pesto

Posted Sep 08 2012 11:57am

I love pesto, always have, always will. It is amazing. Always so flavoursome, rich and creamy. However, I eat it a lot, so I thought it was about time to change it up a little and add a few new flavours to this classic spread. I’ve tried a few new variations over the last few weeks, but this brazil nut and rocket/arugula version was without a doubt my favourite. It is absolutely heavenly. You’d never know it was vegan, really the taste isn’t even a little bit compromised by the lack of cheese. None of my friends even noticed that it was missing such a supposedly key ingredient. Without the cheese the pesto is also instantly skinnier, and more importantly it is really a lot healthier. I’ve been loving it recently smothered over an open sandwich, piled high with juicy heirloom tomatoes, crunchy red and yellow peppers, salty black olives and a little more rocket. Just amazing. Such a simple lunch or speedy supper, but still so satisfying. I served it to my family today and they went mad for it, which really highlights how amazing vegan food can be. It really can work for everyone, even 20-something year old boys. They claimed this delicious combination of veggies and pesto combined in a warm wrap made for one of the best lunches they’d had in a while. It’s just so unbelievably delicious, with subtle hints of lime and basil against the ever-so-slightly bitter and very rich nuttiness of the rocket/arugula and brazil nuts. Amazing. You really have to try this. The pesto would taste fantastic drizzled over a beautiful bowl of gluten free pasta too. Yum.

Makes 1 bowl, enough for 5 wraps

- 20 Brazil nuts

- 2 large handfuls of arguala/rocket

- 1 handful of bazil

- 1 very juicy lime

- 2 tablespoons of olive oil

- salt

This is the easiest recipe, it takes 3 minutes:

Simply remove the basil leaves from their stalks and juice the lime. Then simply place all of the ingredients into a food processor and blend for a minute or two until the pesto forms.

I liked my slathered on this delicious raw broccoli and flaxseed bread from pure vida. So delicious, so healthy. Just perfect.

For 4 people I used

- 1 bowl of chopped heirloom tomatoes

- a few chopped sun-dried tomatoes

- 1 small bowl/a large handful of black olives

- a large handful of rocket/arugula

- 1 sliced yellow pepper

- 1 sliced red pepper

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