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Posted Sep 18 2013 9:02am

Yesterday I went to Lululemon to bring my scuba hoodie in to get sent out to have the zipper fixed. Much to my surprise the lady informed me that they could either send out my jacket to get fixed which would take several weeks or I could pick out a new scuba jacket and walk out with a jacket that day. Well I decided to pick out a new scuba jacket.

At check out I was staring at the bags they had trying to figure out what it said.

And then I got in the car and read what it meant

Brahmacharya: moderation or non-excess- this yogic philosophy teaches us to recognize that moment of “just enough” so we don’t move past it into uncomfortable excess. Maybe its by pushing the plate of french fries away or using pent up energy for a run. By focusing inward, we keep our bodies healthy and energetic.

This philosophy resonated with me. At one point in my life I didn’t know what moderation was. I exercised in excess never taking a rest day, sometimes working out multiple times in a day. At one point in my life I would eat in excess because I had deprived my body so much earlier that day or all week I had a free for all which left myself feeling extreme discomfort and feeling sorry for myself.

I never focused inward and never thought about how that was affecting me.

Throughout the years I have slowly (not everyday is perfect and everything is a work in progress) taught myself brahmacharya.

I have learned the importance of taking a rest day, or knowing when enough is enough at the gym. That spending hours doing cardio is counter productive. That stuffing my face will ultimately make me feel sick to my stomach and sick in my head with regret. That depriving myself of what I really want will only be detrimental to me in the long run.

That focusing from the inside out is better for my sanity then focusing from the outside in.

That I am a better friend, daughter, fiance, co-worker, person when I practice brahmacharya.

How do you practice brahmacharya in your life?

Do you have a hard time practicing brahmacharya?

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