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Blown Minds…

Posted Feb 26 2011 11:25am

Dang… I cannot believe that it has been two weeks since I promised a recap post of Iron Cupcake Pro/AM. I guess that’s what happens when you are insanely busy at work, and then throw a killer cold on that. I seriously have not done anything but go to work and come home to sleep all week.

I will put it this way, that weekend of my life still seems like it was completely surreal. It was something that Erin and I had been planning for a couple months, changed our minds at the last minute and somehow, it all worked out.


The theme was Perfect Pairs, which was fitting for Erin and I. The very first thing that J said when he had heard the theme was that Erin and I had to do it together, because he believes that we are the perfect pair for this. A few others said the same thing, and I’m starting to believe it. Erin and I play off of each other’s strengths, she is amazing at display and my forte is the flavor pairings, both things that they judge at ICM. She started with the display idea for this time around, Alice in Wonderland, and I ran with the theme and decided to put tea in each of the cupcakes to echo the tea party theme.

005 008

The white ones, were a white velvet with a rose tea, homemade strawberry-orange-coriander preserves and a strawberry cardamom buttercream. The red ones were red velvet filled with a hazelnut and black tea caramel mascarpone, and vanilla buttercream and a sea slat chocolate caramel tea cookie. Whew, it was a mouthful. We appropriately named them after our favorite pair from the movie, Tweedledee and Tweedledum!


We had the opportunity to meet Duff the evening before, as well as catch up with Michelle and Vinny Garcia from Bleeding Heart . That was awesome and took the edge off for Sunday. Both of them stopped by during the day to chat, although I will say when Duff came by for a few minutes, it was overwhelming the amount of people who were trying to come to our little table. I have to say, over the course of the day, we did not get a break at all.

015 Michelle has the killer purple hair, and her husband Vinny is in the grey shirt next to her!

020 018 029  The red head is the ever fabulous Dear Ruthie, who was the emcee for the event.

I guess it worked out in our advantage, because we ended up winning Duff’s pick, which was pretty awesome. I guess we impressed him with display, and maybe a little with the cupcake too (if you didn’t know, Duff is not a fan of the cupcake). Michelle actually came up to me afterwards and told me that they had picked our cupcake as their favorite too, independently of Duff, which again is one hell of a compliment.


But that wasn’t all, Erin and I ended up also winning Best Pro cupcake as well. Seriously, we went into this wanting to have fun and doing crazy stuff that WE wanted to do, we definitely did not expect to win anything. We know that we can go completely crazy that it turns people off, so we were happy that people loved what we brought! 


It was an amazing and completely off the charts weekend, seriously. One that makes me seriously indebted to Erin for. If it wasn’t for us getting together almost a year ago to talk cake, I wouldn’t of had this opportunity. This girl is amazing at cake, and is one hell of a great friend! I can only see things going further from here for us! I also want to thank Robert from Industri Cafe , who allowed us to represent them. I know that the cakes have made an appearance on the menu there, and I am sure that they will make another appearance sometime soon!

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