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Blogging from the Road!

Posted Dec 10 2010 1:20pm

Perched with laptop in hand at a roadside rest stop, I'm currently en route to a family reunion in Miami! Sadly, Zach is on call for his surgery rotation this weekend, so I'm traveling solo this trip, and dearly missing his humor and stellar sense of direction as I log miles down the coast. Still, though, I'm keeping him constantly updated via narrative text messages and taking an excess of photos which I know he'll view patiently upon my return. :-) As I journey, it occurred to me it might be fun to write a little post about meals on the road - improvised healthy eating from my backseat pantry and cafes along the way!

Yesterday's breakfast still ranks as one of the best meals of the road trip so far...

Perched on top of my frost-covered car (it's cold in Georgia!), multi-grain cheerios, dried blueberries, gogi berries, and probiotic cottage cheese!

Yesterday's lunch was unremarkable (leftover vegetable soup), but dinner last night... Oh my. A pita sandwich filled with hummus, hard-boiled egg, roasted eggplant, cucumbers, and tomato. Definitely my new favorite sandwich... On a road trip! Who knew? :-)

I also discovered it's rather challenging to photograph a pita sandwich, with all the fillings tucked subtly inside... (well, yes, it's challenging to photograph anything while driving, but especially a pita sandwich...) The photo above looks exclusively cucumber-tomato, and the following photo just looks a-jumble... which, I suppose, all the best sandwiches are, a glorious amalgamation of delicious flavors joined in one casual tumble with some really good bread...

Breakfast this morning: warm oats topped with Whole Foods' cinnamon-wheat cereal...

A lovely energizing snack for the afternoon...

Olives, carrots, baby greens, and avocado!

And now, I'm in South Florida already! Sending warm Florida sunshine to you all - and hoping to pack some in my suitcase for my return! :-)

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