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Blogging Bakesale for Molly

Posted Oct 28 2010 7:30am
Yesterday afternoon, I was supposed to run with my coworker after work at a trail close to work. He had to cancel on me, so I drove home and decided to run around my neighborhood instead. As I was about to make the turn into my subdivision, I saw a small dog sitting in the middle of a moderately busy road. I pulled out my earbuds to see if anyone was calling the dog, and looked around to see if anyone was running after it. Sadly, no one was. I saw cars coming, so I ran into the road and called to her, she ran towards me and then I got a good look at her on the sidewalk. She had no collar, was a little dirty and some serious mouth issues going on. Because she's a kind of Shih-Tzu mix, she has a severe under bite, but she also has two giant tusk like snaggleteeth, and her bottom jaw looks like it had been stuck very hard, causing her mouth to be at a diagonal. I can't even tell if she has other teeth, but I do know that she doesn't even attempt to chew food.

I saw a few people outside in my neighborhood and everyone said they'd never seen the dog before, so I was left with no choice but to bring her home. She's a really sweet, calm, and timid dog. I think it's a girl, but I haven't gotten close enough! I have decided for now, she's going to be called Molly.

Because I have three dogs of my own and don't know what diseases (if any) Molly has, I am keeping her in my back yard. The other three dogs have met her, and they aren't too sure of each other, but they'll have to get along for now. I called a few rescues and humane societies in different counties, but no one is willing to take Molly in. If I drop her off with the county, she will most likely be euthanized as I was told the rate is up to 150-200 per week. I know there are hundreds of stray dogs out there and I can't save them all, but something about Molly is pulling at my heartstrings. I feel like I was destined to literally run into her. Also, as someone who had reconstructive jaw surgery for an underbite, I feel a bit tied to her :)

At this point, I've contacted a vet who is willing to do a free general wellness exam so I'll at least know if it's ok to keep her in the house with my dogs, but beyond that I'll have to pay. She'll need to have heartworm tests and meds, rabies, kennel cough, and then her teeth will need to be taken care of. These bills are going to add up, and right now with three dogs and keeping them current on meds and vet visits, I just can't afford to foot a few hundred dollars on Molly.

This is where I'm asking for your help! Many of you are bakers and cooks and write blogs, and many of you are readers who love baked goods or know someone that could use some in their life (college kids? grandparents? new mothers?) I am going to be hosting a virtual bakesale to raise funds for Molly's bills and hopefully to get her to a rescue or adopted. All funds donated will cover her medical costs, anything in excess will be donated to the rescue that takes her (and cross your fingers that I can find one!)

Here's the tentative schedule - now through Tuesday, if you'd like to pledge to make something and mail it to the high bidder (you pay the expenses), please email me with what you're going to make and a photo, if possible, to
If you'd like to bid, I will be posting the bakesale goods on Thursday, November 4 and the auction will run through the following day, Friday, at 8pm EST. 
Further rules and explanation will be coming, but for now, please email me if you'd like to participate in baking. I really, really appreciate your help!
If you'd like to see Molly, and would consider adopting her after we get her fixed up, let me know!


**Please repost this as you'd like on your blog, tweet it, facebook, etc. **

ETA: I've had many people ask if they can just donate and not bake or buy baked goods - um, yes! The email address at paypal is
Thank you so very much for your generosity, from the bottom of my heart.
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