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Blending Versus Juicing

Posted Feb 21 2013 8:51am
on by healthymama

What’s healthier: blending or juicing? Both methods increase fruit and veggie intake and both methods have their own benefits and disadvantages.

Juicing is a process which extracts water and nutrients and discards all the fiber.  Without  the fiber, your digestive system doesn’t have to work to break down the food and absorb the nutrients.  The fiber helps to slow down the digestive process and provides a steady release of nutrients into the blood stream. The fiber-free juice is helpful if you have a sensitive digestive system, if you feel weak, tired or run-down, or if you suffer from a disorder, which inhibits your body from processing fiber. You can pack more servings of fruits and veggies into a single serving of juice than you can into a smoothie, however, making juice a more nutrient-dense drink than a smoothie. When the fiber is removed, the juice is instantly absorbed into your blood stream, causing a spike in blood sugar. Unstable blood sugar  levels can lead to mood swings, energy loss, memory problems and even potential diabetes down the line. Fiber is also filling, and without fiber in the juice, once the blood sugar spike comes down, you will be hungry again therefore would ingest more calories than you would if you drank a blended smoothie.

Juicers can be very expensive and hard to take care of. They need to be thoroughly cleaned after every use to prevent rusting.

Blending is the process of finely chopping up and mashing the entire fruit or vegetable, to produce a smooth consistency. Blending leaves all the fiber intact, which helps create a slow and steady release of nutrients into the blood stream and avoids blood sugar spikes, so if you have an issue with blood sugar or weight, this is probably a better option for you. By including the fiber in your smoothie, the volume of the drink will increase  and you will feel fuller longer. Compared to digesting juice, your body will have to work  harder to digest a smoothie and absorb its nutrients. Also, because it’s difficult to pack in the same volume of vegetables into a blender, your smoothie won’t be as nutrient-dense as your  juice. Using a high quality blender, such as a Vitamix , will lead to smoother smoothies. The price of a good blender is the same as a price of a good juicer.

The bottom line: Both juicing and blending can be used during different times for different purposes, as both methods have their own unique advantages. If your diet is full of healthy foods, I would recommend juicing sparingly, because of the blood sugar issue. If you drink one green smoothie a day, drink one green juice once a week and you are guaranteed a slow supply of healthy nutrients.  I do not recommend giving any juice, expect for the green kind to children, due to the blood sugar issue.

H ow to make any green smoothie

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