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Blend 2013: (Some Of) What I Ate

Posted May 22 2013 2:26am

Yesterday I promised a post devoted to the food at this year’s Blend Retreat, and what better day to deliver on that promise than Wednesday?

After all,  Jenn is the hottest hostess in this blogging town, and I am desperately hoping Blend 2014 ends up in North Carolina so she can find a babysitter for Chickpea and I can meet her.

Until then, I’ll join her virtual party and let y’all in on (Some of) What I Ate Wednesday at Blend.

We didn’t have to wait long after arriving in Park City before we were treated to a snack sponsored by Attune Foods  and (my butter boyfriend) Justin .

yep. this pretty much looks like what happens at my house every night.

Sampling his nut butter on Erewhon grahams wasn’t quite the same as actually getting to follow him around like a vegan-loving puppy dog meet him , but I’ll take what I can get.

maple almond butter + honey peanut butter = heaven.

Post-snack I spent a good amount of time running around our castle hotel suite like the first person to arrive on Real World: Park City.

But it wasn’t long before it was time for cocktail hour and dinner–

–where we learned that I am hopeless in the face of rice wrappers…

…and that I should definitely slather eat peanut sauce on everythingmore often.

at one point i was just standing at the end of the buffet dipping things in this peanut sauce.

I also apparently have not learned the lesson about controlling myself at the buffet table.

The (vegan) Carrot Ginger Soup

—and the Quinoa Cake, full of chopped zucchini and covered with spinach and tomatoes–

–were so satisfying, however, that I hardly wanted more than a bite of Chobani -based panne cotta.

No worries, however, because Chobani was an official sponsor, so it wasn’t like I couldn’t find more to consume.

Although I couldn’t resist a little blood orange tasting, I mostly stuck to the Silk almond milk for attempting to sample every flavor of breakfast sponsor, Muesli Fusion

Call me infatuated.

(And I don’t mean with MR. Muesli Fusion, the cutie patootie founder who even came on the hike with us that afternoon.)

The An-Ox blendfeaturing shockingly soft goji berries, blueberries, and cacao nibs–was so darn tasty I asked for the remains of one of the buffet bags. (And proceeded to polish most of it off later that afternoon and post-flight home on Sunday.)

For dinner, Maria had found an Italian restaurant in downtown Park City that known for its wood-fired pizza and gelato.

After insisting to her husband that I knew where to go, and then getting us lost (of course), we were able to not only get there, but have a pretty fantastic meal.

I split the chopped salad with Amanda

peas on salad make me happy.

…and then had the Ortaggio Verde pizza all to myself.*

*Granted, some was saved for the plane ride home…

I substituted goat cheese to help out my dairy-wary stomach, and made sure they put tomato sauce on it. [Pizza without tomato sauce is focaccia.]

the crust. oh, the crust.

I was too stuffed to even attempt to find my Lactaid order gelato, despite the incredible flavors of the day.

But when I arrived back at the hotel to find Mama B making Utah sconesin her suite on my floor…well, I had to at least go TRY one.

not sure why, as i don't like doughnuts.

Peanut butter, jelly, and yes, ‘real’ butter were the toppings of choice.

fried dough.

At breakfast the next morning, Chobani had truly outdone themselves.

The omelette station was tempting to everyone, and since the line was so darn long I went for the oatmeal bar instead.

Grease Fruit was the word.

I ended up getting the dairy-free oats, and adding TONS of berries, granola, and Silk almond milk that I procured from the coffee station.

Of course, then I gave up on my quest not to consume dairy before getting on the plane--traveling with stomach ‘ish’ would have been no fun at all--and had to sample two of the Flips, since one is Key Lime, and one features cornflakes.*

*It’s the little things.

Plenty of Green Mountain coffee later, and I was headed home.

Of course, what I ate while traveling is a whole different post that I may or may not ever write for another day.

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