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Black & Blue Banana Berry Smoothie

Posted Feb 23 2012 8:43am
Ok, first let me preface this post with a shout out to....

Today I made my very first Top 9 on Foodbuzz!!!!
The best of 7,241 posts from the Foodbuzz Community, as chosen by our editors and users. You're looking at #2!
When I rolled over in bed this morning and started scrolling through my emails and saw an email from Foodbuzz, I thought Oh, let's see who I know that hit top 9. Nope, it was an email from the editors letting me know I was in Top 9... WHAT!!!

I am so happy. I started screaming to Paul down stairs, which he absolutely thought I was hurt or in pain and came running up and I had to harness my excitement to get through explaining what Foodbuzz is and how long I have been waiting to "make the cut". 

This is great day! {well, kinda}
It's been a short week with having Monday off but let me just say that it hasn't been short enough, and somehow in the mix I have been fighting a stomach bug for the last 9 hours. I have been up since close to 1am feeling worse than awful and only around 5:45 did I try to actually lay back down in bed after sitting up all night with my Callie pup and Pinterest to keep my mind off my stomach. 
It's been a full sleepless night and my stomach hasn't let up so today is going to be a sweatpants and napping {hopefully} day with lots and lots of fluids. After I decided I wasn't going to be sleeping at all this morning and finally just headed downstairs to start my day, {before my genius decision came to call in sick} I chugged so much water and moved on to thinking about what I could eat to get my electrolytes back to normal.

Paul has these CeraSport Electrolyte Drink Mix packets that he got from his ARMY Air Assault School where they were told to drink one packet before, during and after their 20 mile ruck march and throughout the whole training school to stay hydrated. I won't get into the details on what else it helps but Paul told me to take down one of these packets this morning to correct my hydration from the night and I have to say I am already starting to feel a little more normal.
So what to eat?

Liquid breakfast today! I have been dying to try a really high antioxidant smoothie and what better morning to do so than today. I packed this smoothie with fresh blueberries and blackberries that I threw in the freezer overnight with the sweetener of a banana and a little honey... delicious.

One of my better smoothies yet. I thought about adding spinach but I was afraid the roughage of the greens wouldn't sit well with me to I went with my superBerries and yummy almond milk. I made my a little thicker cause I knew it would take me a little while to finish it but it was amazingly refreshing.

There is something about smoothies that make my day start off on a such a better note, and with being #2 on Foodbuzz I have to say that stomach bug or not, it's a great day.
Black & Blue Banana Berry Smoothie
Servings: 2

1 cup frozen blackberries
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 banana
10 oz (1 1/4 cup) 2% almond milk (lactaid, regular or coconut if desired)
1 tbsp honey

Blend until smooth. Add more/less milk for a thicker or thinner consistency.

Recipe and photos by A Healthy Jalapeño

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