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Birthday Weekend!

Posted Oct 02 2012 2:13pm

Hello there! Happy Tuesday! Although I had sort of a bummer day yesterday , it ended on a good note and I am feeling much better today. I will say my throat is still hurting and there have been a suspicious number of sneezes already this morning (ugh) but I have been drinking lots of tea and popping Vitamin C all day so hopefully I can keep this cold at bay!

So now that I have a bit more time (work is still crazy but not as bad as yesterday) I would love to tell you all about my birthday celebrations this weekend! Also just as a side note, this weekend was more about spending time with family since a lot of my friends were out of town or had to work this past weekend (boo). However, this Friday we are all getting together to actually go out and celebrate my weekend. It should be really fun! Plus that way I get to prolong the celebration haha. But anyway, let’s get to the recap!

Friday after work Fabio and I piled in the car (with Jack, of course) and headed over to my mom’s house. We didn’t hit much traffic and we were there in no time!

When we arrived I saw that the dining room had a nice pile of presents waiting for me and a beautiful chocolate cake !

My mom decided to wrap my gifts in Cinderella paper after she read this post where I talked about how my Cinderella cake was the coolest thing ever growing up. She pays attention to details like that ;) Isn’t that cute? Plus the gifts she got me were so sweet and totally unnecessary (hellooooo she did just take me to Italy !). She is the best mom ever!

Upon arriving we headed out to the patio where my stepsister and her boyfriend were waiting to greet us along with my stepdad. It was a wonderful evening and we had a great time catching up, opening gifts, making jokes, sipping wine, and eating tons of delicious food that my mom made (picture things like corn dog bites for appetizers, ribs, corn on the cob, and home-made rolls, just to give you an idea). It was such a nice evening!

After dinner we headed back home and instantly passed out. I think we were in a food coma haha. Thanks, mom! I loved my birthday dinner :-D

When Fabio and I woke up on Saturday morning we saw it was a beautiful day out so after a quick breakfast of some eggs and turkey bacon, we decided to head into D.C. We took Jack with us too, of course ;)

We debated about whether or not we wanted to walk around the traditional monuments or not, but ultimately we both agreed that we had done that enough and wanted to do something different. Instead we decided to stroll around the U Street area where a bunch of my friends recently moved. We had been out there at night, but were still somewhat unfamiliar with the area. It was beautiful!

Our lease is up in January and we are trying to decide if we want to stay in Arlington (which is a little quieter but still a lot of fun) or move into D.C. I think we decided we will look in both places and see what fits our needs and budget. Hopefully we will know more soon!

I don’t think Jack will care either way, as long as there is a dog park nearby where he can romp around ;) The S Street dog park suited him fine!

The rest of our Saturday was pretty relaxing. We did some cleaning around the apartment and I even cleaned out my half of the closet with items for Good Will. It felt so good to get organized!

The rest of Saturday was pretty uneventful and Fabio and I caught up on old episodes of Homeland so we would be ready for the season premier on Sunday. Then it was off to bed! It was great to have such a relaxing evening!

On Sunday morning we woke up and hopped in the car again (only without Jack this time) to meet my grandparents for brunch. We went to Annie’s which is near their house and has a fabulous buffet.

Although the buffet was packed with options for breakfast, lunch, and everything in between, I stuck to a breakfast-only plate. When I go to brunch I almost always choose breakfast food over lunch. It’s definitely my favorite meal of the day! By that time I finished that plate I was too full to go back for any lunch foods. That didn’t keep me away from the dessert though! I had a delicious piece of Reese’s pie that was made with some sort of cream cheese mousse. It was awesome!!

Then all the waiters sang to me and brought me out a big hunk of cake with sparklers on it :) I enjoyed a bite or two to be polite, but then turned my attention back to the Reese’s pie. I mean, come on. It’s peanut butter and chocolate haha I couldn’t not eat it!

We had a great time hanging out with my family and catching up! I also got some awesome presents and thoughtful cards from my wonderful family :)

*Fabio used his new iPhone 5 to take this panoramic shot. Unfortunately my grandma moved her hands while he was taking the photo and therefore her fingers look crazy! Haha!

It was an awesome brunch and I had a great time!

Later on Sunday afternoon we had even more family plans!

Cirque Du Soleil! My dad got us tickets as part of my birthday gift and we all went together on Sunday afternoon.

My sister was really excited.

Look at her hands! Lol.

Unfortunately there were no pictures aloud in the tents (so you don’t disturb the performers) but the show was great! I will say it wasn’t as good as the La Nuba show that I saw in Orlando, but there is only so much you can do with a traveling stage. I thought considering the circumstances they did a great job!!

After the show we headed home where we intended to watch Homeland, but then Fabio realized the Giants game was still on and that, apparently, took priority. I read my book instead haha. Oh well, we will have to catch up on the DVR!

So tell me, how do you celebrate your birthday? Do you get to see your family? I am lucky that I live so close to my family and get to see them so often ( here’s a map , for your reference). Now I get to celebrate with friends on Friday! Can’t wait!!


Psst….my friend Lauren has a new blog, Chic in the City , where she talks about living in DC and everything that goes along with it- from food, to friends, to dating- her blog covers it all! Stop by and tell her hello!

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