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BIG Announcement: Our Brand New Online Program

Posted Feb 13 2012 2:00pm
Join me in the chant! "Gluten-free renewal. Gluten-free renewal. Gluten-free renewal!" Are you ready to rock this with us? I know you have it in you. Gluten is seriously one of the tougher predators to eliminate from our life, and maybe most important. It is hiding in everything and that is just the problem. You don't need to be celiac or test positive in the medical world to be totally and completely unhappy inside when gluten enters. Here's the thing- gluten is like paper mache glue. What’s gluten, you ask? It’s a protein found it grains like wheat, barley, spelt, kamut and rye, and it’s taking us down the road to not-so-awesome illness. Gluten is like glue - and it gunks up our insides and affects the way we digest, think and feel. The way I see it, unless you're feeling like your health is 100% awesometown, then there is work to be done.
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