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Beginning of June Favorites…

Posted Jun 05 2012 6:51am

Hi there!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope your week is off to good start.  My week is alright so far.  This weather is crazy though! One minute it’s raining the next minute it’s sunny.  It’s a weird cycle.  It’s beautiful outside right now and it’s kind of cool.  I hope it stays this way today.  I’m liking the weather currently.  I don’t think it’s supposed to stay like this for long but one can hope.

Did you watch the Bachelorette last night?  Some of those guys are beyond the point of weird!  Since I read the spoiler sites, I already know who the top 4 guys are.  Don’t worry, I won’t spill anything!  I really dislike Ryan and Doug!  I hope she sends them home soon.  I think they are both irritating in my opinion.  I would like nothing more than for them to leave.  I’m really liking this season so far though. It’s much better than last season.  Then again, I only watched half of the first episode because it was so bad!

Anyway, for dinner last night I wanted to keep things gentle because my stomach wasn’t feeling good all day.  I made twice over eggs, with a toasted english muffin with Earth Balance “butter” and some potatoes.

My dinner


So now I wanted to talk about some of my favorite items for the month of June so far!  Let’s get started.

Mallory Wedge Sandal from Payless

These are the sandals that I mentioned yesterday.  I got them for only $7 because of using two coupons and they were on sale.  I first noticed these when Melissa went to buy them.  She bought them in the pewter color.  They come in a bunch of colors and they are comfortable and not to mention super cute!  I cannot wait to wear them!  I was definitely in the market for new black wedges and love these.  I might need to get more colors if they go on sale again.

Mott’s Healthy Harvest Granny Smith Applesauce

I really like this applesauce because it’s made with Granny Smith apples which is different for applesauce.  I also like that it has no artificial sweeteners in it.  Sometimes those can bother your stomach or make you feel bloated.  The Healthy Harvest comes in a couple of different flavors: Blueberry Delight, Granny Smith, Country Berry, Summer Strawberry and Peach Medley.  I have the Summer Strawberry at home that I need to try soon.  These are great!

Kozy Shack Lactose Free Pudding

I am always looking for yogurts or puddings that are lactose free so I don’t need to take my lactose pills and that will be gentle on my stomach.  I was so excited when I saw Kozy Shack came out with a Lactose Free line of products!  I love their products.  I have tried the chocolate pudding and it’s amazing!  You cannot even tell that it’s lactose free.  It tastes like real chocolate pudding!  The Lactose Free line also comes in Rice Pudding, and Tapioca. I love Rice Pudding so I think that will be my next purchase.

Earth Balance Butter

I know I have mentioned Earth Balance butter numerous times but I really love this product!  It’s most definitely become a staple in my home and I wouldn’t be able to live without it.  It might be on the pricey side but it does last a while and better yet, it doesn’t bother my stomach!  It’s vegan and non-dairy.  It spreads perfectly on anything.  I am a huge fan of this product for sure.

Rice Chex Cereal


Lately, I’ve been loving good old Rice Chex cereal.  I usually mix a ton of different cereals together when I’m eating cereal.  I can never eat just one kind alone but I am really liking Rice Chex.  I usually end up buying the generic because the actual brand is so expensive but it tastes just as good!

Coconut Mocha K-Cups

These Coconut Mocha K-Cups are phenomenal!  I absolutely love them!  I know I shouldn’t drink caffeine all that often but when I really want a great cup of coffee, I always brew this one!  It’s amazing.  It has good coconut flavor mixed with mocha.  It’s the perfect combination for your cup of coffee.  I highly recommended this coffee.

So those are some of my favorite items of June so far.  Do you like any of the same as I do?  Do you have any June favorites to add that I should try?

Alright, have a great Tuesday!

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