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Before the Year Ends

Posted Dec 21 2013 12:00am

I've been married for more than 2 months and my life is occupied in being a wife to J and being a domestic goddess. Well, not exactly. I’m still learning how to do it with beauty and grace when it comes to cooking (without a making a lot of mess) and maintaining the house clean and tidy. I think being a homemaker is a job that is as powerful and sexy as having a career in the corporate world.

I also found out on the first week of November that I am positive and expecting to give birth next July. At my age, I wasn’t expecting to conceive right away but God is forever gracious. It was truly an unexpected blessing. I decided to go on leave from work so that I wouldn’t undergo with too much physical stress. I noticed that I feel sleepy all the time and I get tired more easily than I used to. Although didn’t have a morning sickness everyday, I don’t really have the appetite to eat. It’s a good thing that I can still cook for J but I actually don’t like the taste of my cooking. So, I only eat 3 or 4 spoonfuls then I’m done. Cravings started even before I knew I was pregnant. I would crave for something sour, salty and spicy. Everything I ate is with vinegar, soy sauce and chili. Then I started longing for with tiny green mangoes from Dipolog to spicy green olives (which I wasn’t able to eat), from frozen grapes, tamarind candy and raspberry ice cream. J said that my cravings are dangerous because they are hard to find. I also don’t like to eat sweets like I used to and whenever I smell any kind of bread is a torture to me. It's been improving lately but I still eat in small portions. I don't mind having honey ponkan and kiwi inside the fridge and a glass of iced cold lemonade or orange juice is always welcome. And sometimes I would invite J to a Korean restaurant so I could a have a steaming hot pot of Soft Tofu Stew served with rice and other condiments.That really satisfied my appetite.

About one month after the wedding and weeks of my pregnancy, our wedding photographer James decided to have our post wedding session taken as soon as possible. Since J and I didn't have photos taken together on the wedding day, we opted to have a post wedding shoot instead. You can view more of our captivating wedding shots at James' website .

Then Christmas is approaching and I have to think of something on what to give to our godparents. I wanted something that is not so taxing to make. I started with chocolate mochi. Not a good idea. Labor is intensive. (But I ended up making them). Then I moved to cheesecake. Not so bad. But I want to give something a bit different. Then, I remember a few years ago that I gave my friend a pack of granola for Christmas and I started doing it more than two weeks ago. J likes it a lot. He says it’s addicting. I started making for our godparents as our gift. But I also started getting orders from other people. Months before the wedding, J and I are already thinking of a home-based food business. We've been asking God for guidance and wisdom but somehow we also have to do our part. Although a lot of people are encouraging me to open my own restaurant or cafe, I felt that it’s not for me yet. I know that having a my own business is something that I've envisioned ten years ago but hopefully whatever ideas that I want to materialized will be crystal clear when the right time comes.

Although I only have 3 products at the moment, I am currently in the works of developing more products for next year starting next month. I think something savory and less sweet will amuse your palates soon.

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