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Bean Brownies and Apples {Food Waste Friday 9/6}

Posted Sep 06 2012 7:36pm

One of my biggest pet peeves is throwing away food. I could kick myself every time I dump food down the drain or in the trash: it’s just a complete and total waste! And I hate waste. Which is why I am so thrilled to link up to   The Frugal Girl on her weekly feature where she posts a picture of all the food she had to throw away for the week, and invites other bloggers to do the same. The idea is to feel some accountability – who wants to admit they threw away all that money to the whole world? – to help you avoid throwing away food in the future.

Once again I am picture-less! It’s just that when I go to throw something away, I don’t always have the camera handy to document the travesty, so I forget. And if I wait until Thursday to throw things away and take the picture all at once, I get frustrated with the useless stuff hanging around my fridge. So instead of  a picture today, I have a list:

  • a slice of cantaloupe
  • 2 rotten apples (that I got from the farmers’ market just 2 weeks ago! What is up with that? Hopefully this week’s apples will fare better!)
  • half a pan of a major bean brownie fail (why I keep trying to make bean brownies without eggs is a mystery to me – they always fail!)

Not too bad, I guess. I’m really stumped by the apples. They must have gotten bruised in transit from the farmers’ market to my refrigerator, because otherwise I can’t figure out why freshly picked apples would go bad in less than 2 weeks when stored in the refrigerator!

But. I saved the bacon. And the bacon grease .

How’d you do with food waste this week?

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