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Beach Day! Beach Day!

Posted Aug 29 2010 12:00am

That’s what I was chanting while leaving my apartment this morning.  I met my friend Jackie up at Union Square to get to Brighton Beach together.

Sunny beach! Didn’t think you’d find this a 45 minute subway ride away from Manhattan, did you?

Brighton Beach is at the  southwest end of Brooklyn and it’s so easy to get there by subway.  You just take the Q train straight all the way down toward Coney Island.  Located off of a densely populated Russian neighborhood,  it was cleaner and attracted more of an older crowd and families than Coney Island, even though Coney is only a stone throw’s away.

You can see the Coney Island amusement park easily from here.

We laid out in the sun and played in the water for four wonderful and relaxing hours.

Jackie soaking up the sun

Can you tell I’m happy to be there?

The water was too cold for swimming, so we just dipped our legs in.

Digging my feet into the wet sand while the waves wash over them…  I LOVE this feeling!

I think one of my favorite things to do at beaches is people watching.

Being creepy and staring at people.. thank god for sunglasses.

To save some moolah, I packed my lunch this morning.  It was a repeat of yesterday ‘s lunch: a turkey sandwich with the last of the black beans added in.

One of the only moments when I felt that a sample sized bag of baby carrots was necessary.. Thanks, Summer Streets !

Towards the late afternoon, Jackie got too hot from the sun and STOLE the shade from the people next to us! Well, by that, I mean she moved herself closer to them so she could be under their umbrella shade, and they didn’t even know.  I thought it was hilarious.

Shade thief!

While Jackie napped, I snacked on an apple while I read for a bit.

We decided it was a good time to leave when we both couldn’t take the heat anymore.  I’m glad I had a fun and relaxing day.  It was a nice getaway from the busy city and I think I unloaded some of my stress at the beach.

I jumped into the shower when I got home and was shocked by how tan I got. Mission accomplished!  I think it’s crazy how tans show much more prominently after getting out of the shower .  It’s probably because I was caked with sand beforehand so I couldn’t see the lines.

I had a yummy surprise treat after the shower – my giant mangoes were ripe and ready to be eaten finally! :D

It was A LOT of mango,  and this was only half of one!


What is it about beaches making you SO exhausted afterwards?  You literally lay there in the sun doing NOTHING, yet you feel like taking a nap after you come home.  I mustered up enough strength to go out for dinner to a Mediterranean restaurant called Yaffa Cafe , but had no energy to take out my camera.  I really like Yaffa Cafe, but haven’t been there in a very long time.  I had a delicious undocumented vegetarian burger platter with brie, tahini, and hot sauce.

I came back home early a few hours ago because I felt myself fading at the end of dinner.  I’m literally about to fall head first into my computer screen right now.  I think that means I should get to bed.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

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