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Be Wendy to Your Local Peter Pan!

Posted by Tamar F.

I book for a number of rock bands and let me tell ya, sister, there are some boys who never grew up out there! Many of them eat pure crap. They think tomato sauce on a pizza counts as their daily 5 veggies AND fruits. Does it show? Yeah, of course! They often will age before their time and they are, um… moody. Every day is a new rollercoaster.

If you have a friend, a brother, or neighbor who is a Peter Pan type, why not help them out as Wendy? Now, I’m not suggesting you just pine away for them. Let them do some fix-it stuff around the house for you… or if you fix stuff up yourself, let them run some annoying errands for you while you cook up a storm to put away.

Make some low-fat casseroles, delicious veggie dishes, baked and roasted fruits, toasted nuts, etc. Make things that will keep in an airtight tin or in the freezer for a good long while… Peter Pan bachelors take a long time to mend their ways. You might even want to tape instructions on defrosting and reheating – using strong tape.

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