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Basil - The Witches? Herb

Posted by C.L. R.

Herbs are miraculous things. They add flavor to anything you add them to (without adding any noteable caloric or fat content) and work wonders for home air fresheners. Basil is an interesting herb - it was once called the Witches' herb because it's juice was used to remove warts, pull out poison from wounds and as a headache remedy. These days, basil is most often found to flavor Italian inspired dishes, but a wonderful home remedy is to rub basil on a bee sting if you are unfortunate enough to get stung! Also consider brewing it up to create a tea that aids in digestion - you'll have to like the tasted a lot to do this, but if you are a fan, homemade basil tea can work wonders to get those digestive juices flowing.
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