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Basil Butter Spread for Grilled Corn

Posted Jul 13 2013 12:24pm


This time of year, our grill gets a lot of use and since corn on the cob is plentiful, cheap, and GOOD, we often serve it alongside our other favorites.

Sometimes, though, the usual butter & salt treatment gets a little boring.


I'm fairly certain this way of serving corn on the cob comes from my brother & his soon-to-be wife--- both chefs. It's surprisingly good and very easy, too. Just the right thing on a busy summer evening!


Basil Butter Spread for Corn

This is more of technique than a recipe...

Into a blender, add equal parts melted butter, olive oil, and fresh basil leaves. Throw in a couple peeled garlic cloves & a tsp chili powder. Blend until smooth.

Grill ears of corn over a medium-high grill. For great grilled corn, don't overdo it. You want the kernels to carmelize just a bit (brown) but if they overcook, they will be tough and dry. I always error on the side of less time (even if I'm boiling corn the traditional way--- less is more).


When corn is done, brush with the basil butter and serve. YUM!

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