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Bar Stools for your Kitchen

Posted Nov 17 2011 6:50am
Today I am doing something a little different.  I am offering to you a guest writer on the subject of decorating your kitchen/eating area. Rob is writing from . It's a great site with a huge number of barstools to choose from; you should check it out.  I'm sure you'll find this article very helpful and informative.  Jane

Choosing bar stools for your kitchen

The kitchen is a place for work, but it is also a place for play . Decorating a kitchen is a great example of an endeavor that requires harmonizing aesthetics and functionality into a unified, cohesive look. If you have the counter for it, one of the best ways to make your kitchen inviting, stylish, and functional as a space is the addition of bar stools.

One of the most important things to determine in shopping for bar stools for your kitchen is to first determine what kind you want: stationary or adjustable. Stationary bar stools offer a unique look in that often resemble regular chairs only the have taller legs and a narrower seat. These almost always have back rests and are often made out of wood.

Adjustable barstools on the other hand are available in a great variety of styles and materials. They are quite user friendly as they can be swiveled and lowered or raised. One of the most important things to look for when buying an adjustable bar stool is whether or not it has a backrest. Some people might prefer the simple look of a seat without a backrest, whereas other people might like the support a backrest offers.

Another thing to consider is what kind of material a bar stool is made out of. This is important when decorating a kitchen. If the kitchen has a modern aesthetic, than a would make more sense in that environment. If it has a more country, traditional feel, than wood be the better way to go. Adjustable bar stools come in metal, but there are wooden bar stools that do swivel though they do not lower.

Also, consider the material used for the seat. Some people might want a cushion, whereas others prefer the sleekness of a hard plastic or metal seat. If your kitchen has a modern feel, the latter would be the best choice.

And of course, do not forget to think about the color choices! Having bar stools that match the walls of the kitchen are a good way to go.

Bar stools add so much to a kitchen and help make the room into a friendly gathering place and not just a spot for preparing a meal.

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