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Banana, pumpkin seed & almond granola bars: vegan, gluten free, sugar free

Posted Jan 18 2013 7:39am

For me one of the hardest things about adopting a totally clean, healthy diet was finding the right snacks to eat. I’m terrible at being hungry, for me it’s the worst feeling, so I always need delicious snacks at hand. These granola bars work amazingly well, as not only are they absolutely delicious, but they’re also brilliantly filling and satisfying, thanks to all the awesome plant protein and fibre, so you won’t be tempted to stray towards that chocolate bar! I’m obsessed with their combination of juicy raisins with crunchy almonds & sunflower seeds – it creates the perfect mix of crunchy, chewy and sweet. Yum! The bars are then bulked out by sweet oats, puffed brown rice and flax seeds, all of which add to the amazing mix of tasty goodness! They’re also beyond easy to make and keep well, making them an awesome on-the-go snack.

Vegan banana, pumpkin seed & almond granola bars: gluten free

 I’m not sure about you but I used to think all granola bars were created equal and that they always made a healthy snack. Since starting my health journey, I have realised that this absolutely is not the case though! There are countless manufactured bars that claim to be healthy but have you ever really looked at the ingredients list? They’re awful! Glucose syrup, fructose syrup, milk powders, flavourings, sorbitol, glycerol, citric acid, calcium carbonate, soy lecithin, emulsifier etc – I really can’t even begin to tell you what these are, but there’re all totally unnatural, indigestible and horrible for your body. These homemade bars, on the other hand, are one hundred percent natural and sweetened only with date syrup. Your body will thank you so much for making the switch form manufactured to homemade, as will your taste buds! I’m totally obsessed with the flavour of date syrup, I really could sit and eat it with a spoon – I bet you’ll love it too! It’s easy to find either online or in any health food store.
Vegan banana, pumpkin seed & almond granola bars: gluten free Vegan banana, pumpkin seed & almond granola bars: gluten free
Makes 8 large bars

- 2 over ripe banans

- 1 cup of puffed rice (make sure it’s brown rice)

- 1 cup of gluten free oats

- 1 cup of raisins

- 2/3 of a cup of almonds

- 1/2 a cup of flaxseeds

- 1/2 a cup of pumpkin seeds

- 1/4 of a cup of sunflower seeds (Optional)

- 3 tablespoons of date syrup

- 2 teaspoons of cinnamon

Vegan banana, pumpkin seed & almond granola bars: gluten free IMG_0916

Start by preheating the oven to 190C. Then pour all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl followed by the date syrup. Mix well before placing it all into a suitable baking tray lined with baking paper.

Bake for about twenty fie minutes – halfway through remove the tray and score the bars into your desired size using a knife. Once the top of the bake has started to brown remove it and set aside to cool.

I’m sure if you’re half as impatient as I am this will be a challenge, but it’s really important for allowing the bars to set! For this cooling process I find it’s best to leave the bars in the baking tray for about five minutes, then pick up the baking paper and leave that on the side with the bars still on to finish the cooling the process. Then enjoy!

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