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Balance Those Valentine-Induced Emotions With Quantum Bio-Resonance!

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:00pm

Ok… so February arrived… Valentines Day is almost here… and some of you are fretting about whether “to Valentine or not to Valentine”.   

With the media hyping this holiday for all its worth, it’s hard to get away from the constant “reminders” of all the “love” that’s supposed to be in the air… 

In fact, if you’re part of a “couple”, and if you believe the whole media hype argument, your Valentine Day decisions are so stupendous that they could possibly jeopardize your very future as a couple… yeah well, that’s their story and they seem to be sticking to it… 

On the OTHER hand, if you DON’T have someone special… you may feel like THAT’S being pushed in your face… 

I mean it’s great if you’re into the hearts… the frills… a whole other reason to give and receive gifts and cards, ya know? It’s tons of fun for some of you, right?  (Yeah, own up… you know who you are!)   

I bet even YOU guys, however, know a couple of folks who roll their eyes and do the daily double to get away from the whole Valentine issue…  

Ok so whichever side of the proverbial fence you’re on regarding this issue… it can be EMOTIONAL… know what I mean??   

Unfortunately, the constant reminders serve to exacerbate sometimes already raw emotions… (Sound familiar?)   

Say you’re one of the “Emotionals”…Even though the “Logical You” realizes that you’re pulling your hair out over emotional issues that are simply exacerbated with all this crazy hype, you’re still ready to bite the head off the people that do surround you… and you miss the ones that aren’t around you…

Yeah, I know… it’s craziness.

Ever wonder what drives some of that craziness?  I mean you’re TRYING your darnedest to “stay in control”: “Stay in the moment”… “Keep a positive mental outlook”… “Stay busy”… “Keep active”… All this well-meaning advice boomerangs inside your scull like a private symphony!  … (Or is that “cacophony”??)

All YOU know, is that you’re tired of ALL the clichés, right??!!!

Short of making the month of February disappear from the universe… read on for another perspective…

Researchers such as Dr. Joe Dispenza (Rutgers University) and others have conclusively demonstrated that these outa-control emotions may not be ONLY all in your head…

No no… don’t fret more… that’s GOOD NEWS…

The story goes something like this: when you have an experience, your body produces a chemical associated with that experience… sometimes, your body becomes addicted to the chemical… when this happens you may be driven to re-experience whatever might be associated with that chemical in order for your body to greedily get its fix.  So you see?  You truly might be addicted to negative emotions in a physical sense!  And feeding that addiction may be driving some of the “craziness”.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Now the EVEN BETTER news.

Because that chemical is a physical thing, it has an associated resonant frequency.  If that frequency can be balanced on an electrical level in a bio resonant session, you may experience much the same feelings of lightness and success reported by folks who choose to balance “physical” stressors.

Remember, if you’re under medical or mental health supervision, continue your present course of action.  However, in order to maximize your potential for peace of mind, you might consider adding bio resonance as a partner to your present plan of action!   

Yep!  Allow sophisticated Quantum bio resonant technology to balance the physical, emotional, psychological, and environmental stresses that may be exacerbating your emotional concerns and virtually standing between you and that blissful PEACE you so deserve.  

Bio resonance offers a gentle, noninvasive, chemical-free, “Emotional Concerns Protocol” to communicate with your body and balance on an electrical level.  

Wouldn’t it be great if bio resonance would help you hang onto your sanity while dealing with the emotions surrounding Valentine’s Day?  

Don’t ya think you owe it to yourself to balance some of the stresses that might be exacerbating your emotional concerns?  Hmmmm…. Kinda like a “root cause” solution… 


Yeah you can thank me later!

But in the meantime, what do you REALLY think about this?

To read more, please visit our website at  

Continued wishes for a happy and healthy February 2008!

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