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Baby Registry Guide

Posted Sep 20 2012 5:15am

Lately it seems like lots of my friends are in baby mode! With the overwhelming task of getting ready for baby and making a baby registry ahead of them, I wanted to offer a few tips on my favorite things. I have been compiling this list for a long time about things I especially liked when Anna was little because I loved getting advice from my cousins and friends when trying to decide what I needed and what was best.

It’s a big list, but lots of the stuff you don’t need until baby gets bigger and older.



Here are a few pages with more information and pictures of specific products I liked.

Things I love 6-10 months

Using the baby registry Baby Center checklist, I have added my own comments and thoughts! I would love to add reader feedback to the page as well.

This page and checklist will be easily able to be found at Baby Registry under the Family category on the main page. Check back whenever and feel free to email me or facebook me with questions!

I have added my comments in the right column.


Whether you use cloth or disposable or something in between (some diapers use a reusable cover with a disposable lining), your baby will probably go through ten to 12 diapers a day at first, so plan accordingly.

I loved Pampers. I used them all the time.


Whether you’re going to buy wipes, make your own, or use a washcloth and warm water, you’ll want to think ahead.

I used Pampers sensitive when Anna was little then went to Costco brand after she was older.

Diaper rash cream

Be prepared for rashes – some parents even apply a little cream before bed as a preventive measure.

Butt Paste has worked the best but I also love the concoction of Mylanta + Aquafor for when the rash is from acidic foods – email me if you have questions about that!

Diaper bag

Diaper bag designs have come a long way in recent years. Many models are now equal parts fashion accessory and baby gear carryall, so you can choose a style you love.

Find a good one for when they are a newborn and you have alot of stuff and then a big purse works great for later.

Diaper pail and liners

Say adios to lingering diaper smells and mess with an airtight pail (also known as a diaper hamper).

I really liked the Diaper Genie that I can use with regular grocery store bags.

Baby carrier

A front carrier, baby sling, Mei Tai carrier, or wrap makes it easy for you to carry your baby with you.

Bjorn – great for Brady to wear.

Sleepy Wrap or Moby – perfect for newborn.

Kokopax backpack – MY FAVORITE for over 4-5 months.


A must-have for wheeling your baby around town. You can get as fancy or simple as you like.

Travel system for when they are little – great sun shield and protection for baby

Snap + Go for travel and ease of use. Super lightweight and convienent

Jogger + baby car seat kit for running

Umbrella – for when they are bigger and can sit

Car seat

Probably the most important baby product you’ll purchase. Find out more about car seats .

I have Chicco Keyfit 30 and loved it! It goes up to 30 lbs. when lots of them just go to 22 lbs.

Portable crib or play yard

Use it for overnights at Grandma’s or as a safe, contained place for your baby to play at home or while traveling. Can also function as a bassinet.

Loved my Chicco pack + play. We kept it down stairs all of the time to use for naps when Anna was a newborn and a changing station.

Stroller sack

These sleeping-bag-like sacks go over your baby’s car seat or stroller to keep your little one warm when you’re out and about.

Loved the Bundle Me lightweight protector because it was rain proof and she was a spring baby.

Kids Seat

We LOVED the Chicco Hook-on-Caddy chair. We could take it to friends’ house and hook it to their table or to restaurants to feed Anna in a clean seat.

Nursing/feeding pillow

Designed to support your baby while you’re nursing or bottle feeding.

Boppy is a must! It’s great for sitting the baby on and nursing or snuggling.

Breastfeeding accessories

Lanolin ointment, hot/cold gel packs, and breast pads can all come in handy.

I went through a lot of Lanolin and breast pads but hopefully you won’t have that problem!

Breast pump (if pumping)

These can be as simple as a basic hand pump or as efficient as an electric, double-pumping model.

I loved(relatively) the Medela double pump. It got the job done quick when it I needed to pump instead of feed.

Pumping accessories

You may need storage bags for breast milk, a cooler for transporting it, and ice packs to keep it cold.

Breast milk bags were important but we used a cute lunch box/bag for transporting.

Burp cloths (6 to 12)

These are fun to have monogrammed and hopefully given to you as gifts.

Bottles (4 to 12)

I wouldn’t buy a bunch of one kind of bottle until you know if you baby will like that kind. Try a few then buy more when you know.

Bottle brushes (2)

Bottle-drying rack

A handy, compact place to air-dry all those nipples and bottles (and later, sippy cup parts) after you wash them.

This was more important than I realized

Dishwasher basket for bottle parts

Allows you to run all your small bottle parts (like nipples and nipple rings) through the dishwasher rather than hand-washing them.

Loved this!

Bottle warmer

You can use a bowl full of warm water to heat bottles of breast milk or formula, but a bottle warmer can be more convenient.

I got this but did not use it. I never did many bottles so it wasn’t really necessary but some people love them!


Look for a model that’s easy to clean – you can count on food getting mushed into every crack.

I didn’t think I would love my Chicco high chair but I really did. Anna is well over 2 years old and still sits in it. It’s been great!

Bowls (3 to 5)

Baby spoons (2 or 3)

Sippy cups (3 to 5)

Loved the Nuby when they start drinking water.

Loved the Nuk later and now she uses anything – from a camelbak to the cheap sippy cups.

Bibs (3 to 5)

Waterproof or quick-drying kinds are useful, as are bibs with a pocket at the bottom to catch falling food.

Loved the Bumkins bibs! They are easy to wipe off and lightweight on baby!

Splat mat

This waterproof mat goes under your baby’s highchair and protects your rug or floor from food spills.

I skipped this. It was just an extra to clean. I just cleaned underneath the chair.

Baby food maker

You can make your own baby food easily with gadgets you probably have in your kitchen already, but some parents appreciate the ease of an all-in-one baby-food maker.

I used my regular food processor + blender and made all of Anna’s food!

Pacifiers (2 to 4)

Some babies love them, some don’t. For some parents and babies, these soothers are an essential item.

Anna used a pacifier for about 4 months and the Nuk one was her favorite. I would wait to buy a few when you know what baby will like.

Bouncy seat

Also called a bouncer, these baby seats bounce up and down when your little one kicks or moves.

Fisher Price Lamb was our/her favorite. It kept her cozy for hours and she loved how it snuggled her

Play mat/gym

These are soft mats with baby toys that dangle from overhead. Young babies (who aren’t mobile yet) have a ball staring and batting at the toys.

We had a bright colored Infantino mat that worked great! I think one that has things that dangle down is best.

Infant swing

A good baby swing can be a lifesaver during the early weeks and months – some newborns are instantly pacified by the motion.

We had the Boppy swing and it was ok. We liked the Fisher Price lamb much better!

Doorway jumper

These spring-loaded seats are designed to hang in a doorway, allowing your baby to bounce independently.

Anna loved the jumper for a few months before she could walk and loved to be upright.

Activity center

An activity center (also called a play saucer) keeps older babies propped upright safely in one place while they grab and manipulate various attached toys.

Evenflo Exersaucer was great! Lots to do and totally adjustable!


Your baby doesn’t need a lot of fancy playthings, but it’s nice to have a few rattles, musical toys, and soft toys at the ready.

Some of our favorites were:

Freddy Firefly – by Lamaze




Chunky board books are a great way to start reading to your baby .S

Some of Anna’s favorites:

Very Hungry Caterpillar
Clifford Books
Llama Llama Red Pajama
The Mitten
Is Your Mama a Llama?

Wearable blankets (2 or 3)

These fleece or cotton sacks zip over your baby’s sleepwear to keep him warm at night.

Loved the Halo brand and the Sleepsacks.

Swaddling blankets (3)

Many newborns love to be swaddled , and having a few blankets made just for this purpose can make your life much easier.

Loved the Halo brand. We swaddled Anna until she was almost 8 months old. She loved the “hugged” feeling even when she could have her arms free.

White-noise machine

Many babies sleep better – or fall asleep more easily – with the drone of soft “white noise” in the background.

This is a must!


Comes in handy for late-night diaper changes and feedings.

Yes. And a little clock so you know what time it is when you are feeding in the night or early morning.

Crib sheets (3 to 5)

You don’t need fancy bedding sets – and in fact, quilts, pillows, bumpers, and loose blankets don’t belong in your baby’s crib because they increase the risk of SIDS .

A few is plenty.

Waterproof mattress pad (2)

Protects the crib mattress from diaper leaks and other spills.

Baby bathtub

Many are designed to work from that first bath through toddlerhood and have handy features like a digital thermometer or sensor to make sure the bath water is the right temperature.

We used the hard plastic blue newborn tub for a while. Then we had an inflatable yellow duck tub for when Anna could sit up that went inside of the bathtub.

Hooded bath towels (2)


Washcloths (5 to 7)

The extra soft, cheap baby ones are best!

Baby shampoo or body wash

Loved the smell of Johnson + Johnson. Aveeno was great too for being very mild.

Changing table or pad

You don’t have to buy an official changing table, but you’ll probably want to have some designated place for diaper changes.

We put a changing pad on top of a dresser to get more use out of the dresser. No real need for just a changing table unless you have lots of room.

Crib and mattress

Make sure to choose a safe and sturdy crib and a mattress that fits snugly inside.

We went with the Colgate Classica because it had great reviews from Baby Bargains book and my cousins.

Bassinet or cradle

Some parents prefer these to a full-size crib for the first three months or so.

We loved having a bassinet in our room. Anna was right next to the bed when she was a newborn until 3-4 months.

Glider or rocker

A great place to soothe and feed your baby.

LOVED our baby chair made by BEST CHAIRS : Storytime edition.


They usually attach to your baby’s crib, though you may want to fasten one near the changing table to distract your baby during diaper changes.

We skipped this.

Safety gates

For staircases or rooms that will be off limits once your baby gets mobile.

When they are mobile – these are a must!

Outlet covers for electrical outlets

Yes, but not needed until crawling or rolling.

Cupboard and drawer latches


Toilet seat locks

We didn’t need this but some people do.

Baby monitor

LOVE the Summer Infant Video monitor. This was a must buy! It’s so reassuring to be able to look and see what position they are sleeping in and now that she is bigger, you can check to see if she is already asleep or still awake in bed!

Bulb syringe

Teething toys

Digital thermometer

Baby nail scissors or clippers

Baby-friendly laundry detergent

A soft-bristled baby brush

I would love your feedback or questions! Also, I am working on a Toddler Meals Page so if you have questions or suggestions about that, let me know!

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