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Baby Food Shmabey Food- Give Me The Goods!

Posted Feb 01 2010 5:48pm
Baby Food Shmabey Food- Give Me The Goods!
Whether it's jarred baby food or Mama's homemade purees and mashes, Katie is WAY more interested in having real food in front of her that she can actually pick up and explore! 

I suppose I can't blame her, I mean really...
there is nothing super inviting about pulverized foods.  Especially when you are constantly watching your Mama playing with lots of different COOL, REAL foods.

Besides, we have been pretty hit or miss with the "baby food".  Some days she's all about it and other days not so much.  I'm just kind of following her lead with the whole feeding thing and can definitely say that we don't have much of a rhythm.

So I figure at the very least I'll just keep on putting lots of different foods in front of her and give her the room to explore.  Pretty much whatever I am working with in the kitchen ends up on her high chair.

This particular day, I had just gotten back from the farmers market and was doing a bit of "pre-preppin'" for the week SO Katie got lots of yummy snacks.

Hands and Veggies.jpgBroccoli, cauliflower, carrots, banana, apple, and even lemon!   

Oh the lemon...  Katie was really excited by it's bright, vibrant, shiny self (until she tasted it!)

Is it wrong of me to gain SO much pleasure from watching her sweet, innocent, naive, exploratory self dive into the lemon as it it's not going to "bite her back!?
Taste Lemon.jpgI mean, I KNOW what's gonna happen.  

YOU know what's gonna happen.  

BUT sweet little Katie... well, how could she know?  

Sour.jpgYou just can't help but laugh!!!  And yes... knowing what is about to come makes it that funnier.

But boy when she looked over at  when she caught me doing this:

Dani Laughing.jpgShe shot me one of these real fastLemon reaction.jpgIt's as if she knew that I knew!!  But how could she know?

What can I say?  I'm guilty as charged.  She'll understand someday!

Anyhow... don't be afraid to let your little ones explore with big chunks of real food.  This gives them the opportunity to explore and taste and play.  

Technically at this age, eating is just practice so it's our job to give them a variety of options and their job to explore and discover.  
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