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Avakaya ( Andhra mango pickle )

Posted Jul 22 2009 10:34pm

A brief whiff is enough to succumb to the zesty ‘’ avakaya ’’, ambrosia of Andhra, the delightful mango pickle for hot summers.

It wasn ’t not a salad or soup. Not even the much - maligned fresh fruit juice. But ‘‘ Avakaya rocks’’.

For the uninitiated avakaya is a smattering of raw mango dices afloat in thick cherry red gravy made of chilli powder , mustard powder , turmeric, salt and oil. Before you completely give up after the chilli bite , the mustard paste arrives and soothes your taste buds with its mild bitter taste while the oil buffers the allied harsh reactions. Bits of raw garlic and specks of fenugreek gently cajole your sense to come back and relish the unforgettable experience all again.

Avakaya with hot steaming rice served with a scoop of butter or oil and some fried crunchies ( vadiyalu ) is supposed to be the stuff that ambrosia is made of.

Information credit - Jetwings

The mangoes need to have just the right amount of '' sourness "

Each mango is cut into 12 pieces

Almost every Andhra household look forward to the avakaya making season

Best time to make it... Mid May



5 regular sized mangoes
200 g salt
200 g chilli powder
100 g mustard powder
50 g fenugreek powder
50 g turmeric powder
5 gm garlic
200 g oil


Select the right mangoes. Chop them into pieces.

Get all your ingredients ready and mix it with mango pieces in a dry, shallow tub for 3 to 4 days. Do not scrimp on oil or salt as it can show its effects on the pickle after a few months.

Keep dry and use dry cutlery to transfer the contents from the earthen jar to the dining table bottle.
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