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At least you are trying!  I

Posted Feb 26 2013 9:41pm
At least you are trying!  I am a vegan (yes I do stumble, but lately U have not) and the reason being is I had 2 babies late in life.  I now have to live longer and be healthy for them.  That is the reason why my family made the switch.  We cut out the whites (flour, sugar) and processed, then the meat and then eventually the dairy.  My blood pressure when I was preggo in 2009 was a whopping 190/100. They wanted me on bp meds after I gave birth.  Instead I changed my eating habits.  My last pregnancy in 2011 I was down to 70/65!  All from changing my diet.  One of the things that hooked me was watching Food Inc and reading a book by Gail Esinitz called Slaughterhouse.  I was done with meat, forever. I have a blog too, if you care to read some of my vegan posts.YOU have to want the change, for yourself, for the animals, for the planet, and your children if you have them. And also, have you tried the vegan pepperoni? It isnt too bad!Good luck with your endeavors, let me know if I can be of any assistance!
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