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Artificial Sweeteners: Sipping On Poison, Part 2

Posted Dec 09 2009 12:00am


I prefer to avoid eating controversial foods, especially foods that have great big companies or whole industries that seem able to buy their way to a stamp of safety.

To pick up from where we left off yesterday, natural, unprocessed foods will break down in our body into their component parts. Carbs to simple sugars, fats to fatty acids, proteins to amino acids and vitamins and minerals get absorbed as best they can. These non-food artificial sweeteners don’t have quite the same structure as real-foods.  Aspartame, for example, breaks down to methanol. Methanol is also known as  wood alcohol. The last Farmer’s Market I went to was all sold out of wood alcohol so I couldn’t tell you how it tastes.

Artificial sweeteners are a chemical and are therefore an extra burden to be processed through the liver that will result in chemical byproducts, and therefore produce high amounts of free radicals. Low and behold, we have increased the toxic load on the body. Where is a study that disproves this? This is simple biology. The cells of our body are made by what we eat. Whether the FDA or Health Canada believes there to be a safe level or not, when did wood alcohol help support our health?

That seems so silly doesn’t it? No one has to do a study to tell me that broccoli won’t cause blindness in one or both eyes, that carrots won’t lead to tinnitus, that honey won’t cause severe slurring of speech, and that maple syrup won’t cause irreversible brain damage or Alzheimer’s. The onus, however, is on Aspartame to disprove these reported side effects. Aspartame has been accused of causing those things plus at least 100 other side effects (though some reports say the potential side effects number in the thousands). I’m just saying.

Another of the most widely used artificial sweeteners is sucralose. Interesting factoid alert; as of 2006, only six human trials had been published on sucralose and only two of these were completed and published before the FDA approved sucralose for human consumption. The two published studies had a grand total of (drum roll please) 36 total human subjects. Wowwzers!

A p.s. on the matter is that only 23 subjects were actually given sucralose for testing and the trial lasted only four days. It looked at sucralose in relation to tooth decay, not human tolerance. Why would they look at it in relation to tooth decay? Check the ingredients on your conventional tube of tooth paste and then pop right back over here.

And so to the question that has been posed to me in the past around whether I believe that artificial sweeteners are cancer causing.

It may not be a direct cause of cancer, but it is without a doubt a contributing factor. I don’t need a study to tell me whether I am right or wrong on this; this is natural nutrition. I don’t believe a Diet Coke now and again is not the worst thing we can do and will not necessarily lead us straight into the cancer ward. I do however believe strongly that intake, in any amount, of artificial sweetener sure as sure can be, doesn’t help prevent cancer and if it is not part of the solution, what is it?

Any food-like substance or chemical that we put into our body that is not from nature, that is processed, refined and/or pharmacueticalized increases the toxic load we carry. Any chemical that makes its home in the cells of our body, and hangs out for a while, will then work towards topsy turveying our DNA. When the DNA of our cells gets all kaleidoscoped, and we continue to feed ourselves disease building processed foods, we don’t have what the cells of our body, what we need, to reverse the damage. If our daily activities that include the food we eat, the way we handle stress, our activity and rest levels don’t work in our favour to repair DNA, to improve the integrity of our cell membranes and the efficiency of our own exit mechanism (yes- I am talking poop) than we are working towards building disease. Disease is a challenge to our immune system.

Let’s put that little combo together. We have impaired, weakened or depleted immune function, damaged DNA, and throw in a little time and stress and chances are good that we’ll be building the big C in our body.

Do you think this sounds like a stretch than for me to say that artificial sweeteners cause cancer? Cancer is pretty much on the lowest rung of the disease pyramid. It doesn’t get much worse than our DNA scrambling itself to the point that we replicate cells in our body that act to destroy the very organism (the rest of the body) that support their survival.

If the foods we eat aren’t on the  health building side of the fence, than what side of the fence are they on? What side of the fence do artificial sweeteners, along with other food-like chemicals and preservatives reside on?

How do you know if these artificial sweeteners are harming you in any way? Why not try eliminating them. You absolutely have nothing to lose and only better health to gain.

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I am aware that this post might make the artificial sweetener consumers angry and defensive. That is a-okay by me. You won’t catch me defending my stance further or in any way being swayed into adding these foods into my diet. If you wish to comment counter to my opinion, do so constructively, without being condescending or rude if you actually want your opinion shared.

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