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Are You Thirsty?

Posted by Kenna M.

I read recently on my daughter's Fit Kids handout that sugar in drinks actually make you thirstier than you were before.

Read those labels on those sport drinks and energy drinks. For some of these drinks, sugar is listed first, especially the energy drinks -- Yikes!

According to American's Authority on Fitness, milk when served really cold is quenching.

Water is one of the most necessary nutrients of them all because people can't survive without it. More than half your body is made up of water.

Fruit juices don't drench the thirst Even 100% juice drinks have a natural sugar that keeps the thirst coming.

Soda -- No way. Too much sugar to ever imagine your body will be hydrated.

Avoid those sugary drinks when drenching a thirst.

Drink water!

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I know there is something to this. I remember as a kid being in a food court, and my mom gave me some money -- just enough to get an ice cream OR some punch. I was thirsty, so I bought the punch. I was still thisty! So, I felt royally ripped off.
Those energy drinks are the worst. You'd be better off with a double shot of espresso.
i like water , its good
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