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April BBQ Weekend

Posted Apr 29 2013 2:30pm

Hey there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here’s a little recap of what’s been happening around these parts…


After work on Friday, I headed to a bar called Front Page with a few of my coworkers for a beer or two. I always love Front Page’s happy hour since they have super cheap drinks and great food selections (plus a taco bar on Thursdays! Would you believe I haven’t gone to the taco bar since last summer? I did go to Front Page for a bachelorette party in November though, so at least that’s something).

Anyyyyway, the weather was beautiful so we sat outside and enjoyed a few laughs and drinks :)

After a couple of drinks I decided to call it a night since I had to run 11 miles in the morning. Two beers was enough for me!

Fabio left work early on Friday to head to Richmond with a few of his buddies for the NASCAR race (not that he watches NASCAR; he mostly wanted to tailgate all day haha!) and when I got home, I was so surprised to see that he had 1) unloaded the dishwasher 2) cleaned up his bed-side table (which is usually a mess) and 3) left me a cute little note!

Can you spot it in the teddy bear’s stocking? Haha! What a cutie :) This definitely made me smile even though I was missing him at this point.

After I found the note I whipped up a quick dinner for myself. On the menu was a tomato and chicken grilled cheese (so easy and DELICIOUS!!) and roasted brussels sprouts.

Yummm. This was a great dinner.

Afterwords I watched some crappy girl TV (a whole lot of TLC- four weddings, my strange obsession, etc. yikes!), caught up on a little blog work, and ate the remaining dregs in the carton of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Banana Greek Yogurt. Wow. That stuff is like crack. 

Can you see my little photobomber camouflaged on the couch? Haha!

After my ice cream I crawled into bed and instantly fell asleep. It was still relatively early for a Friday night, but with such a big run ahead of me in the morning I wanted to be well-rested.


I woke up pretty early on Saturday so I would have time to eat breakfast before my run. I don’t use any energy shots/gels/chews on my long runs (at least not right now), so I wanted to make sure to fuel up properly before heading out.

On the menu: a whole wheat English muffin with Brummel & Brown buttery spread, cinnamon, and sugar, with a banana and peanut butter on the side. Yummm.

I ate early and gave myself plenty of time to digest before I set out on my run. I also made sure to drink plenty of water.

Soon it was time for me to set out! It was a beautiful day and I was excited to get going.

The first few miles flew by like usual, and I found myself really enjoying the run. I was a little nervous to be by myself (I usually run with Fabio) but once I got going it didn’t feel any different from when we run together.

The first leg of my run was familiar to me since it’s pretty much the same route I run every week on my long run (past the Arlington Cemetary, across the Memorial bridge,  by the Washington Monument) but, to accommodate my longer route, this week I had to run all the way to the Capitol building by the field where we play kickball .

It was a great route but I did have to stop at a number of lights to let cars pass by. Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all.

Toward the middle of my run I ran past the Tidal Basin and was sad to see that all the cherry blossoms are officially gone from their trees. At least the trees are lush and green now! Then I ran along the Potomac River to the Georgetown waterfront, and eventually crossed Key bridge and ran back up through Rosslyn to my apartment. Phew! Eleven miles is tough!

 It was a lovely route and a beautiful day, but that didn’t make the run any easier. Although it was very difficult at times, I was so proud of myself for powering through the run by myself. Woohoo!

After stretching, showering, and resting for a bit, my friends Megan and JR came over so we could go to a BBQ in Georgetown. Megan’s cousin Kev lives right across the water in a cute house in Georgetown, and the weather was perfect for a BBQ! He had the grill fired up and Megan, JR, and I enjoyed a hot dog fresh off the grill. Yumm.

Then we played a bit of beer pong, which I’m happy to say I was pretty good at (my skills vary depending on how many beers I’ve had, haha!).

We spent the rest of the day at the barbecue and had a really great time! I’m so grateful that Megan and JR brought me along, and that Kev hosted the BBQ!

 Thanks, guys!

After the BBQ, Megan and JR came over for a bit to play with Jack, before eventually heading home. I was supposed to go back out to the bars at this point, but was feeling way too tired. Ah well, next time. I watched a bit of TV  before calling it a night. It was such a fun, but tiring day!


On Sunday morning I woke up early for another run, this time for four miles.

While planning out a new running route the other day, I discovered that there are paths along the Theodore Roosevelt Island . I’m not sure how I never noticed this, since I run past the bridge to the island at least once a week, but somehow I never realized you could actually go on the island.

Seriously, how did I never know this? Haha!

Anyway, I planned a four mile route that took me all around the island, and I was so excited to try it out.

The result? I loved it! The little island is pretty secluded and since I went so early in the morning there weren’t too many people around. The whole island is covered in trails and there was a pretty monument in the center.

It was beautiful!! I cannot wait to come back here with Fabio and Jack, since I know they both will love it (especially since I think Jack can swim in the water). On the island I felt like I had left the DC area to go to a national park somewhere, excpet it’s only a 10 minute walk from my apartment! So cool.

Oh yeah, and my run went pretty well too ;)

Hooray for a great week of half marathon training!!

 (You might have noticed I switched up some of the days a bit, since Sunday was supposed to be a Rest day. Oh well! At least I got them all done).

After my run I saw Megan and JR again since they decided to get breakfast from the bagel shop up the street from me. We sat outside on a picnic blanket for a while playing with Jack while they ate their bagels. It was a lovely Sunday morning!

Soon after, Fabio returned home (YAYYY!!!) and Jack and I were so happy to see him. We caught up for a while before running a few errands, which of course included all-important things like a stop at the discount nail polish store that’s supposed to be for licensed professionals only (what…that doesn’t include me?)

$4 Essie Nail Polish!! Yayyy!

…and of course Starbucks.

I decided to try a skinny iced caramel macchiato, which was pretty darn delicious. :)

A little later in the evening we headed over to Megan and JR’s apartment (man, I saw them a lot this weekend, huh?) for a cookout! We brought Jack and he had a blast running around with their Westie puppy, Tully .

(They wouldn’t hold still so this is the best picture I could get! The last time they played I was able to get a lot more pictures!)

After wearing out the pups, Megan and I put a salad and a pasta salad together, while the boys grilled some steaks.

Our friend Scott was there too, so we made sure to make enough food for five people.

Yummm. Even though we thought we’d have a ton of leftovers, everything was so delicious that we didn’t have a single bite of food left! I went back for seconds on both salads, which were de-licious :)

It was such a fun end to the weekend!

Question of the day: Do you take fuel chews/shots on long runs? Have you been to a BBQ yet this spring?

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