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Ani’s Raw Food Desserts

Posted May 07 2009 7:56pm

I don’t know too many people who don’t love desserts. In fact, when I stop to think of it, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love dessert. When it comes to desserts, rich and decadent doesn’t have to mean unhealthy, at least not with raw food desserts which is what we are celebrating today.

Congratulations to Ani Phyo, who’s latest book Ani’s Raw Food Desserts was released early this month!

In case you aren’t already familiar with Ani, she is an eco-chef who’s focus is on raw and living vegan food, and the author of a terrific and awarding winning book, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, and has a series of “un”cooking shows.

My Review of Ani’s Raw Food Dessert Book

Sweet was the first word out of my mouth when I saw Ani’s Raw Food Desserts, and her book is truly sweet in more ways than the main attraction, the desserts.

I love its cute daintiness and the layout. When you first lay eyes on it, you’ll notice its compact size, and the pretty polka-dot pattern found on the front and back cover, and on various pages in the book. You’ll also notice pretty stripped pages throughout the book, and on these particular pages you’ll find useful and fun tips on topics such as: Green Your Fridge, and Pack Your Snacks and Lunch.

Best of all are the dessert recipes, which are simple to make with accessible ingredients. Here is a peak at the contents to get an idea of the type of desserts featured in this book:

Introduction: Sweet Inspirations
Frozen Treats
Cakes and Tartlets
Chocolate and Fudge
Crisps and Cobblers
Puddings and Parfaits
Fruits Simples
Sun-Baked Treats
Sauces and Kreams
Sparkling Desserts with Wine and Champagne

For All To Enjoy

I love the points Ani makes in the introduction. She lets us know, “This way of eating isn’t just another diet. It’s a lifestyle shift toward better health.” She goes on to say, “But there’s no need to be extreme, this isn’t an all-or nothing deal.” I couldn’t agree more. Raw food is for everyone, and the desserts you’ll find in this book are indeed for everyone to enjoy.

Pleasant Surprise

As you turn through the pages of this book you’ll find one yummy recipe after another. Once you get to the last Chapter, you’ll find Ani has created some lovely recipes using organic wine and champagne. This was both exciting and intriguing for me, and I learned something I wasn’t aware of, that wine and champagne is considered raw!

Catching Up With Ani

Here are a few questions I asked Ani about her new book, and here is what she said:

RE: What was your inspiration for creating this book?

AP: I love the idea of whole food desserts! My raw food desserts are made using fruits, nuts, and seeds. All superfoods that pack healthy vitamins, beautifying minerals, and age defying antioxidants. You can enjoy raw food desserts as a meal without the guilt of cooked desserts ladened with refined sugar, butter, eggs, gluten and flour. You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

RE: What are some of our favorite desserts from this book? Some of my favorites just by sight and description are Mango Sorbet-Macaroon Tartlets, Pineapple Icebox Dessert, and who could resist the Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake, sounds too good.

AP: You named them! Raspberry Ganache Cake and Pineapple Icebox Dessert are my favorites if I had to choose. The Lavender Chocolate Bars are really yummy too.

RE: I appreciate the last chapter of this book “Sparkling Desserts with Wine and Champagne, and think many other will too. I love red wine in particular and Reisling. Could you share with us one or two of your favorite brands of organic wine and/or champagne?

AP: One of my favorite organic, biodynamic, vegan vineyards is BonTerra in Mendocino County, northern California.

Giveaway :: Two Copies of Ani’s Raw Food Desserts

If you are looking for raw and living food dessert recipes high in healthy goodness and free from wheat, gluten, dairy or processed sugar, then this book is one to own.

This book may become a part of your recipe book collection thanks to Ani’s publisher, Da Capo Lifelong, a member of the Perseus Books Group, who contributed one [1] copy of Ani’s Raw Food Desserts as a gift for one Raw Epicurean reader. Also, Raw Epicurean offers one [1] copy of Ani’s book, so two [2] readers will soon have this sweet book in hand.

To participate in this draw, simply answer the following question –

What’s your all time favorite dessert?

On Sunday, May 10th, I will contact the winning participants and post an announcement at the right sidebar, under the heading “Announcement”. Best of luck to all who participate!

Goodness Without Guilt

Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake

I’d like to thanks Ani and her publisher for sharing a recipe from her book, one that happens to be one of her favorites and mine, Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake!!! You’ll find this healthy decadent recipe featured here on Sunday, May 10th.


More About Ani Phyo

Visits Ani’s website to keep updated on events and …

Read Ani Phyo Interview - October 20, 2008

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