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Angela Elliott :: An Interview and Book Giveaway

Posted Aug 04 2009 5:34pm

Angelina Elliott

There are so many wonderful people in the raw food community who contribute and share their knowledge to help others with their quest for better health, and Angela Elliott is one of these people. She is a true holistic foodie at heart who has create Raw Nut-Free Cuisine, has extended her love of good nutritious food to the canine world by creating Raw Vegan Dog Food, and is also the author of several books, including Alive in Five, a book Raw Epicurean is happy to offer as part of the accompanying giveaway. These few mentions only scratch the surface of her many talents.

She is well versed and emersed in the world of natural wellness and all thing life-enhancing. I am impressed with her deep levels of knowledge and inspired by her beautiful spirit and generous nature to share and help others.

Angela and I first connect via Twitter and have since become well acquainted. The more I learn about her, the more I want to learn and if you are not already familiar with her, please allow me to introduce introduce Angela Elloitt to you.

In this interview, Angela shares with us the people and events that have shaped her raw food journey, her feeling on intuitive eating, her favorite culinary herbs, how this dietary lifestyle has contributed to her overall well-being, and some interesting things most of us probably didn’t know about her.

Enjoy the Interview…

Ingrid Weithers-Barati: When did you discover and embrace a raw food lifestyle?

Angela Elliott: I actually discovered raw food back when I was 15 1/2 when I was working in a health food restaurant. I learned all about nutrition and raw foods and all about Ann Wigmore, Dr. Walker, and all the other amazing health pioneers all before the age of 18. I didn’t care too much for the raw food at the time, but loved juicing. I have been juicing every day since I was 15 1/2, because that stuck with me and it was something I truly enjoyed and still do. I fully embraced the raw food lifestyle over 10 years ago and have never looked back. It brings me great joy!

Ingrid: What do you find is the biggest benefit of embracing a raw vegan lifestyle?

Angela: Looking and feeling my best 24/7!

Ingrid: What people or events have most influenced your journey as a raw foodist?

Angela: I am a trained culinary chef, so tend to prefer those in the raw community, who make amazing food. I love Sarma and I love Matthew Kenney. Matthew is just the sweetest guy and I love his creativity too! I have to say that no one influences me in terms of making food, as all the recipes I use are my own. I just really resonate with those who are creative and those who enjoy what they do and it shows in their work.

Ingrid: I’ve learned that you are a well-versed natural wellness practitioner who has studied Herbology and also Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM]. Which five culinary herbs are your favorites and why?

Angela: My favorites are Cilantro, Sage, Oregano, Tarragon, and Coriander. Each one imparts a unique flavor based on whatever dish I am working on, and lately, I have found, I can add them all to a dish for even more fun! Each one has medicinal properties and as an herbalist, I am very attracted to using healing herbs and spices when I prepare food.

Ingrid: You are also an intuitive healer. What are your thoughts on intuitive eating?

Angela: Intuitive eating ought to be something that everyone practices. If everyone listened to their inner voice, there would be no confusion out there! I often go out in my garden and am led to just the right thing based on how I am feeling at that particular moment.

Ingrid: How has raw food made a contribution to your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being?

Angela: I have been very spiritual since I was about 3 years old, so energetically raw food fits nicely with spirituality, like salt and pepper. My physical and mental well-being are enhanced greatly with raw food. I think clearly, I feel like I can do anything and be anything I choose in this life. I love eating raw foods!!

Ingrid: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Angela: I love gardening, horseback riding (although I rarely ever get to go), I adore playing yu-gi-oh, and I am a huge lover of the great outdoors.

Ingrid: What are some [other] things about you that few people know?

Angela: I have been an environmentalist for most of my life, I live totally ahimsa (which means I harm no living thing), I work with animals, I teach reiki, reflexology, Jin Shin, I am a Paramedical Aesthetician, Master Herbalist, Nutritionist, A Homeopath, I used to be a body builder, I also make gem elixirs and flower essence remedies. I invented raw vegan dog food, The Celestialwich, and Nut-free cuisine. I home-schooled my son his whole life Waldorf, and I breast fed my son until he was 5 1/2 years old, when he magically weaned himself. I have been all around the world twice, I lived overseas a lot, I have never shopped at a regular grocery store, I never use bags, I always bring my own, and I have been living green for most of my life! I almost died twice! The list goes on and on, but I had better stop here!

Ingrid: Who are your mentors and who inspires you as a chef?

Angela: My Mentor is Lou Corona, actually he is my hero! I could never ever get tired of working with him! My mother inspired me when I was growing up. She is a French Culinary Chef.

Ingrid: What are some of your favorite raw recipes?

Angela: Junk Food Salad, Apple Pie, and Screamy Chocolate Fantastic all from Alive in Five. YUM!

Ingrid: What are some of your favorite kitchen gadgets?

Angela: Cuisinart ice cream maker, vitamix, and my cuisinart food processor.

Ingrid: Tell us one of your most amusing behind-the-scene kitchen stories?

Angela: All of my behind the scenes kitchen experiences are a wild adventure in my TINY kitchen. One time I ruined a gorgeous and QUITE EXPENSIVE superfood smoothie, because in the middle of making it, I received a phone call and totally forgot that what was in the blender was the superfood smoothie and I was supposed to make a salad dressing for a client, so without looking, I added salad dressing ingredients to the superfood smoothie!! hahaha :-) Anyway, that went in my compost!

Ingrid: Is there any advice you would like to share with aspiring raw foodists?

Angela: Follow your heart!

Ingrid: If you could be or do anything else what would you be or do?

Angela: A violinist or a conductor or both!!

Ingrid: What one word would you use to describe yourself?

Angela: Enthusiastic

Ingrid: Are there any projects and event that you are involved in that are coming down the pipeline?

Angela: Yes! I am currently writing 4 more books. I have two books that are at the editors now, so can’t wait for those to come out!

Ingrid: What is your biggest joy, your accomplishment[s] that most make you proud in helping people improve their lives?

Angela: I have helped a lot of people and animals get well and I feel blessed to have been able to work with them.

Ingrid: Is there anything that you’d like to add, any closing thoughts?

Angela: I think that preventing disease ought to be a priority in this country.

Ingrid: Thank you so much for being a part of Raw Epicurean and sharing with us Angelina. :-)

Angela: Thank you so much for having me!!!

* * * * * * * *

I am happy to offer a copy of Angela’s book Alive in 5 as a gift to three [3] Raw Epicurean readers. To be eligible to win a copy of her book, simply answer this question:

What do you do or aspire to do to help people improve their life as well as improve your own?

One entry per person, please. The drawing for this giveaway will take place Thursday evening at 9pm PST on August 6th.
I will use my favorite online random number picker to choose the winning participants. The winning participants will be contacted via email and an announcement of the drawing will be posted at the right sidebar, under the heading “Announcements”. Thank you in advance and best of luck.

* * * * * * * *

More about Angela Elliott

Visit her website She Zen Cuisine

Books by Angela
Alive in Five
The Simple Gourmet
Holiday Fare with Angela
A Diva’s Guide to Juice and Cocktails

Soon to be released books
The Decadent Gourmet
Get Naked and Wear Your Food, co written by Shannon Leone

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