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An Interesting Look At Jobs…

Posted Jun 11 2013 6:43am

Hi there!  Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope your week is going well and you are experiencing nice weather.  It’s been awful here.  Yesterday was more torrential downpours.  I think we’ve seen enough rain!  The sun is actually outside now for once but I heard there is a possibility of storms today.  I’m hoping they are wrong.  I’d like to see the sun for more than just a few hours.  I think the rest of the week should be nice so I can live with that I suppose.

Last night for dinner, Mike and I had our enchilada leftovers.  So I’m not going to bore you with another picture of that.  I’m looking forward to dinner tonight!  I am trying out a new recipe with some new sauces that I received in the mail which include a giveaway for all of you!!  So stay tuned tomorrow for a nice giveaway.  It’s perfect for those of you who like to cook in the summer and that is all I am giving away!  You’ll just have to wait and see.  :)

Moving on to something else, I’m always looking for interesting articles to share that I come across.  I find reading articles about jobs to be interesting.  I like to hear what are the newest up and coming jobs or jobs that are doing particularly well or even pay well.  I also like hearing what other people do for a living.  I just like reading about this in general.  So I found an interesting article today that features seven high-paying jobs that do not require you to go to grad school .  I thought this would be interesting to share.

Career #1 – Accountant – The US Department of Labor says that the median income for accountants as $63,550, while the 90th percentile earns $111,510, and the 10th percentile earns $39,930.  They also say that you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field for most accountant positions.  Most accountants further their education by becoming a certified CPA because that has the potential to boost your income.

Career #2- Registered Nurse – The US Department of Labor says registered nurses make a median wage of $65,470 annually, $94,720 for those in the 90th percentile, and $45,040 in the 10th percentile.  This is a great job for someone who wants to be in the healthcare field but does not want to go to school for an extended period of time.  There are three education options you can choose from to qualify for an entry-level position as a registered nurse, and a bachelor’s degree in nursing is one of them.  The other options are an associate’s degree in nursing, or a diploma.  All registered nurses must also be licensed.


Career #3 – Civil Engineer – If you aren’t sure what a civil engineer does, they oversee the building of things like roads, airports, and water supply systems.  The median wage for civil engineers is $79,340, and the 90th or 10th percentile of earners, they report $122,020 and $51,280 salaries, respectively.  A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering is required and your degree should be from a program that is accredited by ABET – (formerly the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).

Career #4- Human Resources Manager – The median wage for human resources managers is $99,720 a year and at the 90th percentile, they typically earn $173,140, while the 10th percentile earns $59,020.  You will most likely need a degree in human resources or business administration.

Career #5- Public Relations Manager – Public relations managers earn a median of $95,450 annually, while the 90th percentile of earners makes $180,480, and the 10th percentile earns $51,630.  A bachelor’s degree in public relations is typical for a career as a public relations manager, but the Department of Labor also says you could earn a degree in journalism, communications, English, or business instead.

Career #6 – Financial Analyst – The median range of payouts see $76,950 annually and the 10th percentile earns $47,130, while the 90th percentile earns $148,430.  You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in a field like accounting, economics, finance, statistics, or business administration for this type of position.

Career # 7- Medical and Health Services Manager – The median salary range for this career is $88,580 annually, and the 90th percentile earns $150,560, while the 10th percentile earns $53,940.  Most people for this position have a degree in health care administration.

So what do you think?  Do you agree with any of this?  Are you in any of this positions?  I find some of them interesting.  I thought for financial careers you might require more education such as a masters or things of that nature.  That was really the only surprising thing for me.  Sadly,  I am not in any of these careers.  The salary for all of these careers are nice though.  I think it’s just an interesting thing to learn about other careers and what they make and what is required for them.  It’s always nice to just have addition knowledge for the future because you never know.

Well I hope I didn’t bore you too much today.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a giveaway!

Have a great Tuesday!

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