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An Evening Of Comfort…

Posted Apr 03 2012 6:50am

Hi there!  Happy Tuesday!  I still can’t get over the fact that it’s already April!  It’s beyond crazy to me.  I feel like everything is just flying by so quick.  I don’t remember life ever going by this fast.  I don’t know if I like that it’s moving that fast!  I would like to take in each moment and enjoy it.

Yesterday was such a stressful day.  It was beyond the point of stressful in so many aspects.  There is a lot going on in my life right now and it’s very stressful.  We had issues with the banquet document that the wedding coordinator at our venue emailed us yesterday.  I don’t know what the point in us sitting down and me going over every single detail with her on Saturday was?  She seriously left out a TON of things from the form.  She neglected to put several items that I am bringing myself, where things should go, misspelled our vendors names, etc.  The list could go on from there.  The form was so unprofessional.  I couldn’t believe it when I opened up the document!  I seriously couldn’t believe it.  In my wedding planning course, we did several forms and documents that you would give to the couple for their wedding.  This form is crucial because it contains all of the information for everything taking place that day.  It should be perfect.

I refuse to sign my name to something like that. I feel like all of the hard work and planning I have been doing went in one ear of hers and out the other.  Mike and I are furious!  We both spent the entire night trying to relax and calm down.  I corrected the ENTIRE form.  It seriously took me almost an hour to fix everything. I put in every single detail of our day and more importantly what I am bringing and where it should go.  I cannot stand things like this.  If that is your job to make sure everything goes as planned for a couple’s wedding, then that is what you should do.  Don’t make me plan our entire wedding and do your job.  It’s so frustrating!!!

Thankfully, the entire morning/afternoon of our wedding, I will be at the venue in the bridal suite getting ready.  So I will be able to supervise every single aspect and make sure things are put out and done as I say.  This whole thing is ridiculous.  I’m sorry for rambling but I need a place to vent.  It made us so frustrated. I hope to hear back from her soon.  It’s OUR wedding, things should be what WE want.  That is that.

Before tackling the mess of a form, I knew I needed to have something comforting for dinner.  We had bought a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket so I decided for us to have that for dinner.   I also roasted some string beans to see if I could give them another try without them bothering my stomach.  I also made a baked potato, and Pillsbury biscuits.

My dinner plate


Comfort food was exactly what we needed after this stressful mess.  My stomach still hurt but not as much as it has in the past with eating string beans.  Perhaps, I’m making some progress?  I sure hope so.  What food brings you comfort when you are stressed or upset?  I really wanted a cupcake.  Cupcakes are my favorite and they give me great comfort when I’m upset.  Sadly, neither of us felt like going out to buy cupcakes and I wasn’t in the mood to make them.  So I just took comfort in knowing that Mike and I are there for each other.  We are going to get through this and have the wedding that we want.  It’s just frustrating knowing that there is someone else there that could have the possibility of ruining everything that I have and still am working so hard for.  I know that in the future if I am able to open my own wedding planning business, it will definitely not be run the way that our venue does things.  It’s a shame because our venue is beautiful.  It’s just one person that is ruining this experience.  I’m trying to keep a positive attitude but it’s hard.

At least one of our favorite shows, Gossip Girl, came back last night.  So it was nice to just sit and relax for an hour watching that.  I am not a fan of the whole, Dan and Blair thing.  She belongs with Chuck, not Dan.  We also watched Once Upon A Time.  For a while, it was getting quite boring but the last couple of episodes have been really good!  Especially the episode from Sunday.  I really like it now.

Alright, I’m sorry for being random today and just rambling and complaining.  I need to vent.  For that, I am sorry.  I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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