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An Active day at work

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:46pm

Can you be active...

…before work?

Wake up 30 minutes early and go for a swim, walk or cycle.
Do an active routine – for example yoga.
Walk or cycle all or part of the way to work.
Arrange to meet friends or colleagues as you walk or cycle.
Park at the furthest end of the car park.
Visit your local leisure centre on the way to work, especially if you can make use of flexitime

… during work?

Do some quick stretching at your desk throughout the day.
When you can, walk to talk instead of using the phone or email.
Put rubbish in the bin furthest from your workstation.
Use the stairs instead of the lift.
Take a 5-minute walking break.
When on the phone, stand, march on the spot or do calf-raises.
Use the furthest bathroom, preferably up or down stairs.
Take a walking meeting to brainstorm ideas with co-workers.
Bend, stretch, move, lift, or carry whenever the opportunity arises.
Send printing jobs to the printer at the furthest point away from your work station.
Offer to take the post and fit a walk into your day

… at lunchtime?

Pick some dining spots 10 minutes away to add a walk to your lunch break.
Set up a lunchtime walking group.
Take part in a lunchtime activity class, either at work or at a local leisure centre.
Form a sports team.
Play a game at lunch with a colleague or friend: badminton, tennis, squash or table tennis.
Meet a friend to go for a swim or bike ride.

… after work?
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