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Almond-Stuffed Date Power Bites

Posted Dec 03 2012 12:45pm
Hello, all!

Well, I've done the math, and it turns out that I can get everything accomplished on my to-do list before heading to California for Christmas so long as I send a few items to the cutting floor. Like sleeping and showering.

Hmm, perhaps it's time to revisit New Math...

Either way, I need to make sure I have plenty of yummy food on hand for quick energy boosts in the coming days and weeks. I have the very thing, as well as the extremely short list of ingredients required: stuffed dates.

Here's what you need:

(1) whole pitted dates (preferably gooey-soft, unctuous ones, like Medjool).
(2) natural almond butter (or other nut or seed butter, like peanut,  cashew, sunflower or hemp).
(3) 5 minutes (you can multitask by taking a phone call as you stuff, but avoid wrapping packages; it gets ugly).

Here's what you do:
(1) Open one date (I use fingers, but if you are a precision person, use a knife)
(2) Use fingers to open out date (creating a pocket for your stuffing)
(3) Scoop a generous teaspoon of nut/seed butter inside date.
(4) Close date.
(5) Eat, and/or continue process with as many dates as you like.

Delicious immediately, the dates are even better if you chill them)in an airtight container) for at least 1-2 hours until the nut butter is firm (the beauty of natural nut and seeds butters is they firm up when cold).

I know what you're thinking: nut butter? dates? Big deal! But trust me--the sum is far greater than the parts (especially if you are patient enough to give them a chill). It is essentially, a deconstructed cookie dough LaraBar. The petite, candy-like quality is perfect for countering holiday sweets cravings (not that I am giving up holiday sweets, but having some of these power bites on hand helps me keep a reasonable balance).

Make! Eat! Enjoy!

You can use whole nuts--raw or toasted--instead of the nut butter!

These give "save the date!" delicious new meaning :)

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