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All Things Pumpkin: Pumpkin Spice Brownies… Mexican Style.

Posted Oct 31 2011 6:00am
Friends and lovers. It's that sweet, sweet time again. That time where my dad comes over to the kitchen, we paint cat whiskers on our face as we dress up as Halloween Cats. In the past, you have seen us as Cat Burglars, Cool Cats, and Jungle Cats. This year we went for a Mexican Cat theme makes almost no sense at all but since my dad and I have this ability to take an idea and run with it- we ran and no one caught up with us to tell us it made no sense. In fact, even my dad and I didn't notice that it made no sense until we actually started filming- wondering what cats had to do with Mexico and what Mexico or cats had to do with brownies or pumpkin. Love us simply for our stream of consciousness and creativity.
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