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All Natural Thanksgiving Menu: Free of BPA, MSG, HFCS and microwaving

Posted Nov 17 2011 7:33pm

Our Thanksgiving dinner will be free of BPA , MSG , HFCS , artificial dyes and nuking . We’ll be making tried and tested dishes and the countdown is on. Thanksgiving is next week, already, after all.

If you’re wrestling with how to naturalize, simplify or manage a Thanksgiving menu, maybe you’ll find something here.

I spent the past couple of weeks sifting through recipes on the internet, cookbooks in our kitchen, and my own tried-and-tested’s. I mentioned that my hubby defines Thanksgiving as turkey, stuffing, and hopefully mashed potatoes. Nothing more, nothing less. It was virtually impossible to find a vegetarian stuffing recipe without broth. Why not broth? The flavors in store-bought broth are always off to me, and so many harbor hidden MSG “yeast extract” or BPA , I wanted the path less traveled. So, I created my own . It rocks. I also concluded that I wanted to stick with my tried and tested dishes for our harvest time meal. Give me some hot apple cider to start the day, give me some fresh greens and some hot comfort foods for my growing state , and I’m a pleased gal.

Our Thanksgiving Menu

Organic, free range turkey (my 3 year old daughter “I’m not gonna eat any turkeys” will probably opt out. I am undecided . It’s the pregnancy.)
We’ll use the Perfect Turkey Recipe from All Recipes .

Mashed Potatoes topped with Kimchi
We’ll garlic ours up and top with MSG-Free Kimchi from Firefly Kitchens. This is our favorite (and only) mashed potatoes recipe, by far and away.

Mushroom and Leek Stuffing
This recipe is our one dish with wheat and has passed our taste test deliciously. My recipe uses no broth (no hidden MSG or BPA) and packs a serious flavor punch. It’s Thanksgiving in your mouth.

Candied Pecan and Goat Cheese Green Salad
I’ll make our classic salad, but replace the candied walnuts with candied pecans, toss in pears in exchange for the apples, and toss some lovely pomegranate “seeds” and dried cranberries atop. (Trader Joe’s has been selling bags of organic Bartlett Pears at a great price.)

Organic corn (from Trader Joe’s freezer section)
We’ll throw a half bag on the stovetop with about a 1/4 cup water, a pat of butter and some sea salt. Heat and eat. Perfect.

Butternut Squash Risotto
My recipe is another no-broth, no BPA, no MSG recipe. It’s my favorite and it’s all for me at our table.

Sweet potato, maple pecan, quinoa cakes (think patty-cakes)… my recipe is coming

Hot Apple Cider (Whole Foods sells Organic Apple Cider, I haven’t found it anywhere else)

Grain-Free Pumpkin Bars
Carrie’s Almond Cake with Buttercream Frosting : wow, this is delicious. We tried and tested it a couple of weeks ago, it’s seriously good. My daughter calls it “chocolate cake”. We think it’s best topped with lots of fresh strawberries. Between the strawberries, buttercream and almond flour cake, I’m a happy gal at 19 weeks pregnant. This also makes a great half-birthday cake for my almost 3 1/2 year old (next week).

Thanksgiving took on a new meaning for our family last year. We are thankful to have one another and to be together. After spending months apart, in different parts of the country, I have so much to be grateful for everyday. The meal is the bonus and a time for us to feed our bodies and minds, with laughter, real food and love. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I thank you so much for reading this lil’ corner of cyberspace!

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