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Addicted to Stress? …Bioresonace Trains and Re-Educates Your Body to Deal With Stress In a Different Way

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:00pm

Do you perform better under tight deadlines and in stressful situations?  Are you addicted to stress or adrenaline?  How do you cope?  Silly, sad, or humorous, we’d love to hear your stories!

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An article posted by Dr. Cary Rothenberg, D.C. in his January 2008 newsletter posed the question of potential addictions to stress.  Some general symptoms he noted were
• Better performance under stress
• Better performance related to tight deadlines
• Habitual procrastination
Dr. Rothenberg’s advice?  Deal with stress before physical symptoms occur by first admitting to stress, second identifying it, and finally dealing with underlying causes.

I read Dr. Cary Rothenberg’s January 2008 newsletter regarding his thoughts on potential addictions to stress.  It got me thinking.

Ever find yourself procrastinating till the last final moment? 

You started with plenty of lead time but…

The project is now due tomorrow… 

The task is now “do or die”… 

People are now breathing down your neck for your contribution…

You originally had plenty of time to comfortably and leisurely do a great job.

But not now…


Now you’re governed by the minute-hand of that clock… each tick brings you closer to deadline and doom. 

But you LOVE it! 

You THRIVE on the pressure!

You actually work BETTER this way…

Truth be known, you actually CREATE this type situation…


You find it somehow easier to concentrate…

Nothing exists except completion of this task…

It’s as if you finally created the perfect situation to give yourself permission to ignore all distractions…

Now you HAVE to concentrate in order to make deadline! 

No choice! 

Is this you?

Not once in a while… that happens to everyone…

But if you find that this is your “normal” operating mode, you may want to explore this topic a bit…

Stress can kill… repeated, constant stress can actually create unhealthy mental, PHYSICAL, and emotional disease. 

That’s proven…

So think about this a moment.

Could you be an adrenalin junkie?

A stress addict?

Even though the “Logical You” realizes that you’re pulling your hair out over impossible deadlines that are self-exacerbated - or worse yet, created by your own choice to procrastinate - the fact remains, that you’re running “crazy” to finish this task on time.

Yeah, I know… it’s pure craziness.

Ever wonder what drives some of that “craziness”? 

You start out TRYING your darnedest to “Begin that project”… “Do it now”… “Schedule schedule schedule”… “Keep lists”… All this well-meaning self-advice boomerangs inside your scull like a private symphony!  … (Or is that “cacophony”???)

All YOU know, is that you’re tired of ALL the clichés, right???!!!

In fact, part of you actually THRIVES on the excitement of that looming deadline… the possibility of NOT making it! 

Researchers such as Dr. Joe Dispenza (Rutgers University) and others have conclusively demonstrated that this outa-control “craziness” may not be ONLY all in your head…

Don’t fret more… that’s GOOD NEWS…

The story goes something like this: when you have an experience, your body produces a chemical associated with that experience… sometimes, your body becomes addicted to that chemical… when this happens you may be driven to re-experience whatever might be associated with that chemical in order for your body to greedily get its fix. 

So you see?  You truly might be addicted to stress in a physical sense!  And feeding that addiction may be driving some of your “craziness”.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Now the EVEN BETTER news.

Because that chemical is a “physical” thing, it has an associated resonant frequency.  If the body can be trained and re-educated to deal with the stress of that chemical in a bioresonance session, you may experience release from the “addiction” to adrenaline (or other stressors related to self-created stressful situations).

Now you can choose to train and re-educate the body to deal with the physical, emotional, psychological, and environmental stresses which may be contributing to or exacerbating your addictions to stress - virtually standing between you and that blissful PEACE you so deserve.

Bioresonance offers gentle, noninvasive, chemical-free, protocols to train and re-educate your body to deal with stressors of addiction – even emotional ones.  

Wouldn’t it be great if bioresonance would help you hang onto your sanity while dealing with projects well within deadline?

What a novel concept, huh?

Don’t you owe it to yourself to handle some of the real stresses that might be exacerbating your behavior patterns? 

Hmmmm…. Kinda like a “root cause” solution…


Yeah… you can thank me later!  (For now, don’t you have a deadline to meet?)

After you complete that project, let us know what you REALLY think about this.

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