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A Wedding & Robert Irvine Filled Weekend!…

Posted Sep 24 2012 7:11am

Hi there!  Happy Monday to you!  I apologize for falling off the face of the earth for the past couple of days.  It has been crazy busy where I am.  I hope all of you managed to have a nice weekend!  What did you do this weekend?  I will catch you up with what I have been doing since I last posted which I believe was Wednesday.  On Thursday night after work, Mike and I had to go to my friend/co-worker, Tarra’s rehearsal dinner for her wedding which was taking place on Saturday.  We were 20 minutes late due to traffic and I felt so bad when we arrived.  Her rehearsal had already begun but luckily I was able to jump right in and find my spot as a bridesmaid.  The rehearsal went well and when it was over we went to the dinner.  The dinner was served buffet style.  They had some food options which I was able to enjoy which I thought was good.  I was nervous that there wasn’t going to be anything for me and my crazy stomach to eat but there was.

She presented each bridesmaid with a gift.  She gave us a bridesmaid tank top, and a little jewelry box which had a necklace and earrings for us to wear on her wedding day, Saturday.  I thought that was nice of her.  We left in enough time for Mike to get his stuff together to go off to work the next day.  I took off from work on Friday so I could run some errands and prepare myself for Tarra’s wedding.

Melissa and I spent the day together on Friday.  We ran some errands and I used the gift card Melissa got me to get a pedicure at our favorite spa.  They did such a good job on my toes.  I wish I would have gone there for our wedding.  The place that we went to did a terrible job!  I would never go back there again.  That is another story that I will have to tell at a different time.  Melissa and I looked through Mike and my wedding pictures.  I promise I am going to do a full wedding recap on here!  I swear.  I am just figuring out if we are going to put all of our wedding pictures on my computer or not.  I’m afraid I won’t have enough space so once I figure that out which should be tonight, I will definitely do my recap!

After hanging out with Melissa, I went over to my friend, Courtney’s house.  She did my hair for Tarra’s wedding.  She had to work Saturday morning so that is why she was doing it the night before.  It was so hard to sleep with my hair curled and styled but I managed to keep it looking great and only had to re-curl a few strands of hair.  Mike and I were up at 6am to get ready for Tarra’s wedding!  It was a full-day.  Her wedding turned out lovely and I was glad that I was able to be a part of it.  Since I was so busy, I didn’t even have a chance to take pictures.  Mike and I managed to take only one picture together.

Mike and I at Tarra’s wedding

Her wedding was over at around 4pm.  Her parents were hosting an after party back at their house.  So we stopped by to change and hang out for a bit.  Then we were on our way to go to Mike’s wedding gift from me!  We were going to see Robert Irvine Live !!  Mike was beyond the point of excited to finally get to see him in person and meet him!  I was pretty excited too.

Our ticket which he later signed for us

Us waiting to go into the theater!

Chef Robert Irvine!

Keswick Theater where the show was held

Stage set up for the show

We were not allowed to take pictures during the show but it was quite the experience!  He has VERY high energy and was running like crazy into the audience and hugging people and giving high-fives.  He was very friendly and personable.  He brought people on stage to cook with him, he answered questions from the audience.  He was very entertaining!  My favorite part of the show was when he was surprised by his builder, Tom who works with him on the set of Restaurant Impossible.  He brought out a birthday cake and truly surprised him by being there!  His birthday is today so it was really sweet to see them do something special for him.  The whole experience was an incredible one!

After the show, we had the opportunity to meet him!

Chef Robert!

We finally had the chance to talk to him and he was super nice!  He gave me a hug and I spoke to him about how I tweet to him and he said he recognized my name!!  That was surreal.  I told him about how I love to cook and about blogging.  I also spoke to him about Mike and I getting married.  Mike spoke to him about working out and cooking.  It was incredible!  The security guard said that Mike and I spoke to him the longest!

The best part of it was yesterday, Robert Irvine actually tweeted me!!!  How cool is that?!  I’ve never gotten tweeted back by a celebrity before.  He was such a nice guy!  I totally recommend going to see him live if his show is coming to your area!  It was a great experience!  Who is your favorite celebrity that you have met?  Who is the one person you would love to meet?

Yesterday,  I went with my mom to bring Oliver to the emergency vet to have his staples removed.  I think he was very happy that he didn’t have them anymore!  We need to keep a watch on him because he has a lump where the surgery was.  They think it’s from internal stitches healing but we need to watch just in case.  I hope he will be okay.  He has been through so much lately.

The rest of the day, I spent running errands with Melissa and my mom.  I had fun with them!  I did some great deals at the supermarket by couponing and combining sales!  I saved $32 and spent $44!  Not bad if you ask me!  Mike and I had rotisserie chicken with kasha and bowties and some vegetables for dinner last night.

My dinner plate

Now here I am, Monday and back at work.  I have so much to do today which is good.  I like being busy!  We are supposed to get our wedding video sometime this week and I am VERY excited!  Hopefully, I can post the preview on here.  I promise I will be doing wedding and honeymoon recaps like I mentioned before.  Sorry to leave you hanging!

Have a great Monday!

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