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A Sick & Snowy Weekend!!…

Posted Feb 11 2013 6:49am

Hi there!  Happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a great weekend!  What did you do this weekend?  A lot of you in New England are completely snowed in!  I hope you are safe and sound.  We ended up getting between 5-6 inches of snow.  It wasn’t too bad.  It was lot less than what I was thinking we were going to get.  I’m glad that we were prepared for the worst but got less than what we thought.  Hopefully a lot of the snow in the rest of the Northeast will melt quickly.  Although, I’ve heard rumors of another snowstorm coming on Wednesday but it seems like they don’t know much about it or what track it will take.  It will be interesting to see what happens with that.

So let me recap my weekend for you.  On Friday, my work closed early but it didn’t affect me because I leave before the scheduled dismissal time.  I’m glad that they closed early because I was afraid for people driving home.  Once Mike got home from work, we went out to run some errands in case the snow started early.  We had to pick up a few things from Target and stopped at Home Depot to get some firewood for our fireplace.  There is nothing like a cozy fire while the snow is falling or is on the ground.  I am a huge fan of our fireplace these days.  Plus, it keeps our house much warmer than it is without it.  While we were out, we decided to stop and have dinner because I had a coupon for the Olive Garden .  The Olive Garden has a three-course dinner menu going on right now.  You get soup, or salad, your meal and either a dessert or a fancy coffee drink for $12.99.  We both decided to go with that choice.

We both actually ordered the same thing for dinner, Parmesan-Potato Crusted Chicken with Pasta w/scampi sauce.

My dinner

My dinner

What I didn’t realize was that there were tomatoes included on this dish.  It wasn’t in the description.  As you know, tomatoes severely bother my stomach these days.  So I made sure to push all of them off the plate so I didn’t have a chance of eating them.  The actual meal was absolutely delicious!  I really enjoyed the chicken.  The chicken was almost crusted in a potato chip mixture that stayed crispy!  I really liked this dish.  I hope they make it a permanent item on their menu.  For dessert, I had the tiramisu mini dessert and Mike had a mini slice of their new chocolate mousse cake.  Overall, it was an absolutely delicious dinner!

We left the restaurant just in time because we walked out into an ice storm!  The parking lot was a sheet of ice.  I was so glad that we were on our way home and we stayed in the rest of the night.  My ears were still really bothering me even though I went to the doctor on Thursday.  She told me to use ear wax removal drops.  I used them on Thursday and then Friday night I asked Mike to put them in my ear again.  Well that was the wrong idea because I went completely deaf in my left ear! It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced!  I tried a ton of different remedies and nothing worked.  Mike had been feeling sick the entire week too.  So he was up coughing and sniffling the whole night, while I was up because I couldn’t hear and was having severe ear pain.

We both were up extremely early on Saturday morning and went outside to shovel.  When we were done, we decided to go to the Minute Clinic at CVS to be seen.  We both went in together and Mike had a sinus infection.  Which is what I was thinking he had all along.  The doctor flushed my ear and within minutes, it popped and I could hear again!  It was a miracle!  Once that happened she was able to examine my ears better.  My right ear has fluid in it.  My left ear has fluid and a severe ear infection in it.  I was given medication and numbing drops for my ears.  I couldn’t believe that the other doctor that I saw on Thursday did nothing!!!  She saw nothing!  She was a waste!  The doctor said that it’s a good thing that I went to see her because there is also a possibility that I might have a mini hole in my ear drum.  Ugh!  Just what I need.  So a visit to the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor is in order for me.

I tell you, Mike and I really are a pair.  Hah!  I am just in disbelief that the previous doctor did absolutely nothing!  I just can’t believe it.  I knew something was wrong with my ears.  I knew it.  Always go with your instinct because you know your body better than anyone else!

We stayed in the rest of the day/night.  We decided to try a Trader Joe’s meal for dinner.


All you do is microwave it and it contains enough food for two people.

After being microwaved

After being microwaved

My plate

My plate

It was pretty good.  Would I buy it again?  Probably not.  The sauce was a little strange tasting.  I liked the chicken because it tasted nice and fresh.  I am not a huge fan of peas.  It was a decent dinner but I just don’t know if I’d buy it again.  Mike was not a huge fan of it.

On Sunday, I ventured over to Melissa and my mom’s house.  We spent time talking for a while and then went to run some errands.  Melissa and I did some good couponing deals!  I love that.  We also got $1 any size Wawa coffee for the last time!  It was the end of their promotion.  We both loved it because you could get a 23 oz coffee for only a $1!  I am sad that the promotion is over.  I really hope they run it again.  I like their coffee.  It’s not bitter at all.  I think it’s my favorite, then Dunkin’ Donuts and then Starbucks.  Starbucks coffee is very bitter to me.  I definitely need sugar-free flavored syrup and soy milk in it to make it enjoyable.  What is your favorite place to get coffee?

For dinner, I picked up a rotisserie chicken.

My dinner

My dinner

We spent the rest of the night watching part of the Grammy’s.  We called it a night pretty early.  So I dvred the rest of the show to watch the other performances we missed tonight.  I have to say I am very glad that Justin Timberlake is back!  I missed him.  I seriously almost broke his last cd because I played it so much.  I’m looking forward to hearing his new album.

Alrighty, well have a lovely Monday and stay dry and warm!

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