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A Heatwave Filled Weekend!…

Posted Jul 22 2013 6:28am

Hi there!  Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend and kept cool in this horrible heat!  It’s been so hot here lately it’s unbearable.  I believe the rest of the week is supposed to be in the 80′s so hopefully it won’t be as hot!  How was your weekend?  What did you do?

On Friday, Mike and I met a few of his old co-workers at a restaurant for happy hour.  Since we both get out of work early on Fridays now due to summer hours, we are able to actually make it to happy hours.  Mike was never able to do that before since he works later than I do but now we can on Fridays.  It makes all the difference in prices when going to a happy hour.  I have met his old co-workers numerous times and have gone out with them, they were at our wedding, and we have attended one of their weddings and soon to be another.  So it’s really not that awkward for me which I like.  I hate feeling awkward when going out places.  We shared an order of nachos and had a drink and spent a long time talking.  Before, we knew it, it was already 9pm.

Mike and I decided to just eat something at home.  I made myself some breakfast foods.  I had oatmeal with whipped banana mixed in.  I forgot to take a picture but it was comforting and nice to have at the end of the day.  On Saturday, Mike and I went to a few stores so I could get some errands done.  I ended up finding some really cute dresses at Target to wear for work!

I need to wear dresses for some upcoming events I am planning at work and I am lacking in the dress department so I found these cute numbers to wear:

14554369_201306111051_265x265_pad 14554258_201306111051_265x265_pad

I love the fit of an A-line dress!  I think they are super flattering and look very classy especially to wear to a work event.  I really like them a lot.  Unfortunately, I spent full price on them and I saw they are on sale now.  So I think I will be making a trip back to Target to see if they can give me the sale price and I can get some money back.  I would have never seen these dresses if it wasn’t for me standing by the dressing room while Mike was trying something on.  I’m glad I saw them.

I also got a skirt that I thought was super cute:


In addition to that, I got two short-sleeve t-shirts that I love from there that was only $7 each!  Not a bad deal for a t-shirt if you ask me.  I still need to get a few more things that I can have to wear to other work functions but this is a great start.

After shopping, we went back home and rested and caught up on Rookie Blue for a while and then ventured out to dinner.  We both wanted Mexican from our favorite place.  We ordered the same exact things we ordered a few weeks ago so I’m going to recycle my pictures.

Nachos Con Pico (they are just nachos with cheese, onions and tomatoes)

Nachos Con Pico (they are just nachos with cheese, onions and tomatoes)

Chicken Burrito!

Chicken Burrito!

Gosh, I love that place so much!  I love that they give so much food that Mike and I brought most of our meals home to enjoy on Sunday night!  I love that.  I am a huge fan of Mexican food leftovers or any good leftovers for that matter.  Do you like leftovers or are you not a fan?

On Sunday, I went out to lunch with my old co-worker, Tarra.  The last time I saw her was on my last day of work at my old job so it was nice to see her and catch up.  Hearing what is going on at my old job made me really feel solid in my decision to leave there and move on with my life.  I had to do what was best for me and my family and after being at my new job for two weeks, I really think I made the right decision.  I am proud of myself for doing that.  It was hard but I am so thankful that I was given this opportunity and I am taking full advantage by showing them what I am capable of doing.  I’m excited for what is to come.

After spending time with my friend, Melissa and my mom met me! We were able to go shopping together which made me so happy.  I missed them and I really enjoyed spending time with them.  I think I will be getting together with Melissa sometime this week to hang out and look for more work event clothes.  She is very fashionable!

When we were done shopping, I ventured home and Mike and I ate our Mexican leftovers and enjoyed Big Brother!  I’m loving Rachel’s sister!  I think she is great!  I’m liking this season so far.  It’s much more entertaining than last season that is for sure!

Alright, well have a lovely Monday!

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