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A Frankenstorm is a'Brewin!

Posted Oct 28 2012 4:02pm
So being here on the East Coast, the scene as of recent years of many a storm, we are preparing for the latest storm to hit us! Hurricane Sandy!

Aside from normal hurricane preps (candles, hand-crank radio and flashlight, water, etc) we're taking some extra precautions
- Fill up your gas tanks. There are some gas stations in my area that are already out of gas.
- Take out some cash. If the power goes out at your local bank, you won't be able to take out cash! Some stores will be able to open to cash only customers and you should be prepared for that.
- Protect the stuff in your freezer! Fill up ziploc bags with water and put them in the freezer. Not only will they help keep the food cold if your power goes out, they're an extra water supply just in case.

And now for the post!
During fall when there aren't insane storms going on, I drink a lot of cider. And I mean *a lot* of cider. It's my absolute favorite thing to make and sip when it gets cool outside. But recently I've discovered tisane - which is kind of like tea but isn't made from the tea leaf. You can make it from discards of fruit!

After you're done apple picking and are baking up a storm, you have a conundrum. There's a bunch of peels and cores leftover and you don't want to waste them. What to do? TISANE TO THE RESCUE!

This yields two mugs of delicious tisane.
Throw your apple peels(from 2-3 apples), 1/4c brown sugar, cinnamon sticks (2-3), whole cloves (half palm full) and whole allspice(again, half a palm full) in three cups of water. Bring it to a boil. Stir it well until the brown sugar dissolves.

Toss in your apple cores once it boils and bring it to a simmer. Let it simmer for at least an hour and a half. I kept this going on the stove while I was cooking everything else up that day.

Strain, and out comes a cup of yummy tisane! It doesn't taste like tea as it's a little thinner, but it's absolutely delicious and great for a cool day.

Stay safe everyone!
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