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A Favorite City Of Mine!!…

Posted Apr 16 2013 6:33am

Hi there!  Happy Tuesday to you!  I wanted to start off by saying that my heart absolutely breaks for Boston right now.  I cannot believe what this world is coming to.  It’s one thing after another anymore and it makes you scared to even walk outside your front door.  We shouldn’t have to live in fear when flying on an airplane, going to the mall, going to the movie theater, taking your children to school, and now running a marathon.  It’s awful.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by this terrible tragedy.

Boston is one of my most favorite cities.  I have fond memories of the few times that I visited Boston with my family.  It is a place that I have said to Mike numerous times that I want us to visit because he’s never been.  It hurt my heart to see this happening there.  I mean it would have hurt my heart to see it happen anywhere.  I feel like it gets more personal when you have been somewhere that something like this happens or even have people there who you care about.  One of my friends recently moved to Boston and my friend’s sister lives there.  I was happy to find out by social media that they were both okay.  It’s a very scary world that we live in.  I hope that they are able to bring those people to justice and give them what they deserve for what happened.  We can’t lose sight of the true heroes though.  All of those brave people who ran towards the explosions to help others.  Those are the people who should be celebrated and talked about in this tragedy.

It’s always hard moving on after something like this happens but I am now going to try to keep things light on the blog here for the rest of this post.  I told you yesterday about the crazy chicken caper at Sam’s Club.  Well here is the proud chicken itself!

The beloved chicken!

The beloved chicken!

I am so thrilled that we are able to now go back to the store and pick it up anytime we want.  I bet it would taste really good while it’s still hot.  Mike and I were talking about that yesterday.  So hopefully the next time we get one, we can eat it as soon as we bring it home for dinner.

We picked up a bag of these fries that I spotted at Trader Joe’s when we were there over the weekend.  We never tried them before.



These french fries have no preservatives in them which I love!  They are fresh-cut because you can actually see the skin on the potatoes.  I am a sucker for french fries so I’m willing and ready to try any new ones that I can find.  This bag was somewhat reasonably priced.  It was $2 but the bag isn’t that big.  I’m willing to spend that when there are no preservatives though because it saves my stomach the mess that it would go through otherwise.  We also roasted up some veggies and had a nice salad to start.

My dinner plate

My dinner plate

I cannot get enough of that chicken!  It really is so flavorful and moist.  I’m looking forward to eating more of it for dinner tonight.  Seriously, if you haven’t tried this chicken yet, you are missing out!

Are you member of any of the warehouse clubs?   I’d like to see what Costco is like.  We were members a really long time ago and I think we only went there once or twice.  I can’t remember what it looks like or what they have.  I have heard really good things about the store.  I think I am done getting warehouse memberships for now.  There really isn’t a Costco near me at all.  The closest warehouse clubs are BJ’s and Sam’s Club.

Alright, well have a great Tuesday!




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