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A Closer Look at Biochemistry through the Specs of Psycho - Philosophy

Posted Nov 01 2009 10:00pm


Photography and Text by Omid Jaffai

With the environment degrading more and more each day to overuse and genetic engineering tampering with our food supply and future, it is no wonder raw food is becoming a simple conscious choice in every day society. When we take the time to separate our emotions (a systematic interaction of neurons channeling and mixing of our memories, imaginations and the complexities of fibers) we end up feeding our bodies according to the way we feel, and thus our chemistry becomes accustomed to these types of nutritional mixologies and the result is outstanding at times. This is when the dangerous junction is formed that results in the designing and building of our future consciousness not only as an individual, but also as a mass.

Before I get carried away with the concepts of neuron psychology mixed with social reformisms, I would like to concentrate and simply break down some of the above views or concept into simple explanations in order to give you, the reader, a glimpse to the way I view the misinterpretations of simple wholesome eating and the misinterpretation of our feelings which results in the way we end up living our lives.

What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is basically the study of the chemical reactions of organisms-most specifically cellular activity within living organisms. Biochemistry deals with how the cells within the human body grow and function. What we eat affects our cellular activity or biochemistry.

Biochemistry and Our Foods within the Societies

Due to the increased threat of poverty, overconsumption, and safety risks in our food supply; more and more food manufacturers and mass crop farmers are depending upon genetic engineering and modification to produce more food cheaper, quicker, and ideally more qualitatively. The problem with these genetically modified crops and foods-though seemingly ideal for a variety of positive services that they provide-is how these foods are being modified or altered to provide these global solutions to the consumers demands. Not to mention making many pockets richer while putting many lives at risk.

It is through the new world of bioengineering that more than 60-70% of the foods we consume on a daily basis have been modified with genetically modified organisms. This figure is not my own, it is a fact which I am sure has been edited for a smooth get away! In animals, we see our livestock fed bioengineered feed and subject to genetic cloning. In plants, we find that most all-live crops are being spliced with chemically created organisms. Even if this is ok in some illogical way, there is no real research about the short and long-term biochemical effects that genetically modified organisms have on our bodies.

Studies are inconclusive in regards to the effects of genetically modified organisms on our bodies because it is a relatively new science. The FDA cannot approve any GMO altered food despite the fact that they make up so much of our present food supply-not to mention that our dependence upon GMO-produced foods increases more and more each day.

GMOs in Relation to Raw Foods or Any Foods

Like most raw foodists, you probably have made this life change for the overall bodily health that it serves by promoting enzyme efficiency and of course slowing down the degenerative motives. So, in keeping with only ingesting the purest of untouched fruits and vegetables, you probably opt for only organic foods. Unfortunately, this is not enough, beside the dramatic change within our ecosystem; gmo foods are not regulated and can contain any combination of natural and unnatural bioengineering ingredients.

Consequently, if you depend much more on fruits and vegetables, you are subjecting yourself to a higher percentage of possible allergies, diseases, and health conditions. This is why it is so crucial to ensure you know exactly what goes into the biochemistry of your foods, just like the way you should be with what goes into your body and it’s reaction to your emotions, actions, and future outcomes that resonates your destiny in simply feeling yourself. The best way, or should I say the safest way and the only way is to do so by buying only organic fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds, condiments, oils, etc., marked GMO-free or something of the like. Of course growing your own products is the surest way to go! But even still remember, without the label-the chances of it containing any kind of combination of ingredients is almost 100% positive that it is-in fact-genetically altered. Even though sometimes the label can be misusing!

Let’s face it: the world-unfortunately-is a much different place now than it once was. With the introduction of bioengineering into the world, we now have the ability to clone people, animals, plants, and the like. The purpose of bioengineering was initially to use biochemistry to produce more food cheaper, more quantitatively, and more qualitatively to serve the world and economy most efficiently. One of the biggest concerns-as noted above-is the possible effects on the human body and food chain by engineering our own new species of organisms-modified organisms. Due to this, not even our federal government knows how to test or classify these new foods, and if they can’t approve this foods-anyone can add anything to our foods, without recourse.

Folk Psychology, the End to our Emotional Eating

I would like to conclude in this last paragraph one of the main results of our emotional eating that is then mixed with all of the above concepts and bring home some thought provocative questions. In today’s fast track of human studies within the human science and philosophy department, and of course through the conscious of Raw Foodism we are starting to understand a simple seeming concept called Folk Psychology and how it can be eradicated via eliminative theory in a every day social culture.

Just to briefly say what Folk Psychology is. Folk Psychology is the study based on the way we humans have reasoned our feelings, pains, desire, actions, and the way we have come to conclude the type of knowledge that we have come to have. This is a very detailed area, but I would like to concentrate solely on the type of knowledge that we come to have that has to do with our emotions. It is through the knowledge of understanding of what pain is and of what feelings are that we come to conclude what the solutions would be.

For example, if so and so went for the golden arch after a meeting knowing the devastating results on his health, his conclusion is not a simple I don’t care, or this is going to make me feel better… but a long process of not understanding what feeling, pain, hate, or that it causes distress, wincing, and avoidance behavior is! Because Folk Psychology is simply a false misleading common sense psychological framework that is radically misleading conception of the causes of human behavior and the nature of cognitive activity, basically called YOU. On this stand point of eliminative theory, Folk Psychology (your understanding of emotions, pain etc) is not just an incomplete representation of our inner natures; it is an outright misrepresentation of our internal states and activities within the framework of our emotional eating disorders, and the way of not understanding or knowing to reason our bodies biochemistry, I.e. different types of fibers.

Please note that this could be the case while not only with a raw food or vegan or any other believed healthy diets or spiritual way of thinking or living. Simply said, we cannot expect a truly adequate neuro-scientific account of our inner emotions, to provide theoretical categories that match up nicely with the categories of our common-sense framework. Accordingly, we must expect that the older framework will simply be eliminated, rather than be reduced, by a matured self-reflected, self-observed, and self-separation from our emotional states of quail feelings that would then result to total self being, not self observation.

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