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A Change In Monopoly & A Look At Board Games From the Past!!!…

Posted Feb 07 2013 6:45am

Hi!  Happy Thursday to you!  I hope your week is going well.  I’m not feeling very good this week.  Now Mike isn’t feeling good either.  I don’t think we gave each other what each of us has because we both have different symptoms.  I’ve been trying to deal with it but it’s getting to the point where I am really having trouble hearing.  I don’t know why I get so many ear infections as of lately but I’m guessing I shouldn’t wait much longer and I should probably see a doctor.  I just hate going to doctors and spending the money.  I’d rather use my money elsewhere.  Today my throat is starting to feel irritated too.  So that isn’t very good.  I guess at some point this winter, I was bound to get sick.

Anyway, enough about that!  For dinner last night, I decided to have pasta with alfredo sauce, and some steamed asparagus with chicken.  Mike finished the chicken from last night because it hurt my stomach.

My dinner plate

My dinner plate

I love that shape of noodle.  It’s definitely my favorite.  It doesn’t keep sauce on it very well but the shape is fun.  I rarely eat spaghetti.  I usually always make pasta that is some kind of shape.  I guess it’s easier because it all fits in the pasta pot?  Where as when you go to make spaghetti, you have to wait for it to soften for the rest of the pasta to fit into the pot.  I don’t know.  That is my theory.  I’ll stick with my fun shaped pastas.

Moving onto a new topic.  I don’t know if you heard yesterday but the board game Monopoly was all over the news!  Yesterday was a very big day for the board game.  They were holding a contest on Facebook to get rid of one of the Monopoly board game pieces and replace it with something new.  I think it was time for a change for this board game anyway.  The new pieces that you were able to choose from were these below:

I am happy to report that the cat won!

The cat will now be replacing the iron piece.

I think it’s about time that they got rid of the iron piece.  Some of the Monopoly pieces are quite strange and I didn’t know why they were there in the first place.  I never really liked Monopoly all that much.  True story, one of my ex-boyfriend’s actually broke up with me after a game of Monopoly.  Why it was after us playing the game?  I have no clue.  I won that game so maybe that had something to do with it?  Who knows.  Either way, it was the best thing that could have happened.  I am just always reminded of that when I heard Monopoly.  So I stay away from that game.

I have always been a board game fanatic!  I loved playing board games and to this day I still like playing them, I just don’t get around to doing it as much.  Do you like board games?  Which are you favorites?

Here are some of my favorite board games.  Let’s see if we have any similar favorites!

I’m sure I probably missed some board games along the way!  Wow, I completely forgot about some of these games!  I think I actually still have some of these.  I took as many board games as my house had room for.  I think it’s so funny looking back on all of these games.  I remember Melissa and I playing all of those “boy” games.  It was so fun back in the day!  I don’t think they even have games like that out today which is a shame.  Do you remember any of these games?

I absolutely LOVE looking back at old board games and tv shows like this.  I am a total child of the 80′s/90′s.  There were just so many tv shows and board games that can’t even compare to today.  I’ll have to do another post of old tv shows because there are some that when I ask people about them, they have no clue!  I’d be interested to see if any of you remember some of the old shows that I remember.  It’s fun to reminisce about the past.

I hope this post brought back some fun childhood memories for you.  Alright, well have a lovely Thursday!  The weekend is near!!

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