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A balanced dinner (and some thoughts on meat)

Posted Oct 09 2009 5:07pm

Salmon (grilled on a George Foreman grill + fresh tarragon)
Eggplant + mushrooms (stir-fried + Pam)
Green beans (stir-fried + Pam)

I find that I am eating less and less meat these days.  Part of it isI know that's one of the biggest things I can do for the environment.  I'm fully with Mark Bittman there.  Part of it isalthough I wouldn't consider myself a knee-jerk animal rights-istI do consider myself an animal lover; and I've read enough of Michael Pollan et al. to feel uncomfortable about where my meat is coming from.  And I'm queasy enough handling raw meat that often I'd just as soon rather not -- and I also believe that if I'm not willing to look directly at the source of my meatmaybe I shouldn't be eating it.  Finallypart of it is justwellcost.  Protein in the form of beanstofuand other non-animal sources is muchmuch cheaper than meat. 

But I don't shun meat entirelyand on the (fairly) rare occasions I eat outI often order chicken just because I try to order things I don't cook for myself. 

In this casethere was a large package of wild Atlantic salmon in the freezer that was going to go to waste otherwise.

I didn't agonize over the act of taking out the package and opening itbut I did hesitate.

And then I slit open the packagetook out a filletand fired up (proverbiallyanyway) the grill.

It was a lovely dinner. 
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