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“That is NOT [Lemon Thyme] Kabocha.”

Posted Sep 16 2013 6:00am

My eyes zeroed in on the spaghetti squash first.

[The arrival of winter squash at the market has been known to cause a happy dance or two (or twenty).]

But I was equally excited about the kuri squash sightings as well.

IMG_20130829_171451_555 (1024x576)

Until the hipster farmer told me it was kabocha.

“That is NOT kabocha.”

“They are all kabocha.”

“Child,* please. I know kuri squash when I see it .”

*I did not actually call him a child. IMG_20130914_083425_970 (1024x576)

Seriously. I mean, it’s not like the more acceptable confusion of the case of Kabocha v. Buttercup. IMG_7769 (1024x683)

But down here in Alabama, we take what we can get. (And most of it is phenomenal.) IMG_20130907_091831 (951x535)

Hipster farmer HAD sold me some of the best delicata squash I’ve ever eaten. EVER. IMG_3436 (1024x683)

So when I was face with Heather’ s Meatless Mondays A-Z challenge of K is for Kabocha, I knew I was going to have to take whatever looked the MOST like the real thing. (And if it WAS kuri, at least that also starts with K, right?) MMAZkabocha And on the basis of his cuteness ability to grow other simply scrumptious winter squash…

IMG_3618 (1024x684)

….I trusted him, and I picked out what could most likely masquerade as a kabocha (if all the other veggies were slightly tipsy). IMG_3603 (1024x683)

It did look like kabocha when I cut it open. IMG_3723 (1024x683)

But once I cut it open, I was faced with an entirely different issue:

I had no idea what I make. IMG_3725 (1024x683)

I actually thought about this for WEEKS. I looked back to some of my kuri and kabocha recipes and wondered if I should just re-feature them . And I did eventually come up with something… IMG_3789 (1024x683)

Yet, all of a sudden, I realized why I was having so much trouble coming up with a kabocha recipe:

The best way to eat kabocha is simply roasted, with hardly any seasoning (or thought) at all. IMG_3776 (1024x685)

Hopefully last week’s Meatless Mondays A-Z extra credit will offset the fact that this isn’t really much of a recipe, per se.

IMG_3779 (1024x682)

But before I give you one of those (next week?)–

I think you need to just eat kabocha…as kabocha.*

*Or whatever squash this is…:) IMG_3786 (1024x684)

Lemon Thyme Kabocha

    1 kabocha squash, seeded and sliced 1 lemon dried thyme leaves ground cumin salt + pepper
    Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Lay kabocha onto a cooking sheet. Spray with cooking spray or drizzle with oil. Squeeze lemon juice over all slices, and sprinkle with lots of thyme, a wee bit of cumin, and as much salt and pepper as you like. Bake for 30-45 minutes, turning after 15-20 minutes.
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